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Can someone give me a "for dummies" walkthrough?

  • Ok, so far i have:
    {just in order listed in the folder}
    5a8381-AddonSpawner v1.5.4-rei
    795cb3-GTAV Mod Manager
    433708-LC MINIMAP Update 4.1
    the latest gameconfig everyone uses and every website says "use this guy's" that i cant remember his name
    LIBERTY V remix V1.01
    So everything is current as of yesterday, i can follow youtube videos but nobody covers everything i need and i need help deciding on what mods i should include.
    I need help explaining everything i need to do. i can find all sorts of videos on how to do EACH of the things i need to do but nothing on how to set it up COMPLETELY if that makes sense?
    im not asking for detailed walkthrough, but i see one video give a perfectly good and works perfectly tutorial but the next mod requires a folder the general tutorial never mentioned or another mod this other tutorial didnt mention. i need a list of what folders i should create and where to put them and "how" to set this up for being able to then go and add the custom maps, zombies, RPG mechanics etc like open all interiors. all of the tutorials assume you have basic programming/computer oriented person, but i only know modding exists, not to click on files and folders im not supposed to and edit config variables without bricking my system. once i have my modded setup i know to add an update blocker etc so nothing gets broken by updates {i wont need to update it afterward because obvious}
    Basically im a script kiddie that speaks code monkey and can make amazing crap out of whatever asset collection i have and cant code my way out of a wet "hello world" loop but i have a good grasp on software concepts.
    also, is there a way to make a zombie map with a set number of starting zombies {not a mission, just singleplayer map} and humans spawn when zombie free area is x or bigger? ive got other questions i'll ask as i get answers and/or i can articulate things well. thank you for your help.
    My biggest problem isnt what you think. I know "what i want" and once its set up i'll never have to even open openiv again and it could be a complete self contained pack. I dont know what to look for, i tried farm mods, all i found was a weed farm, which i want, but would require me to learn how to reskin models, change display variables to say wheat instead of weed andlearn code to make it put crop land on whatever patch of dirt i want. i have no clue about optimization or even what else exists to search for. I prostrate myself before the wisdom of those who know more than me and plead you help me get this set up so i can play? i dopnt need help installing individual mods {the map editor isnt a "mod" in my head, its part of the core framework, a tron bike or the iron man armor or custom maps are "mods", scripthook isnt a "mod" its core framework}. Like i said i know "what i want", i dont care which mod is best for what, i just want the best mod for it. I do plan to spend time or fivem to look at various things and get a feel for what to add, but what i need is help setting up the initial modding setup. Also, if someone could help me learn how to make a throwable tron legacy disc {im pretty sure reskinning a copy the captain america shield and resizing the hit box would be involved, just no clue how and as you can see, every bit of code i'll need is a one time and never even look at it again thing, so i cant retain code concepts due to lack of using them}

  • TL;DR 😂

    It is often a painful process bro. Do one thing at a time. Backup the whole thing whenever you messed with a bunch of stuff and game is still working. Eventually you'll have it broken and reverting to stable point will save you a lot of trouble. Many tutorials are nonsense.
    Avoid automatic installations with .oivs, extract them, understand what they are doing and take care to not overlap.

  • @Imperial-Nerfherder


    Step by step guide, if you can power on a computer you can follow the steps.
    Unlike other tutorials, this one is updated, there is text, images, and videos.
    Everything is tested and screenshots provided are from actual working installation.
    Everything is factual, verified, and proven, as long as you don't skip steps.

  • thank you, i understand everything enough to add maps, mods etc, but i couldnt find a complete guide to setting up a fully capable mod framework. i cant retain most of the info a lot of you recall easily because im not "a modder" i want to mod GTA, but because once its done i'll never make changes and i only need to know how to troubleshoot, not "actual mod knowledge" so my brain has a hard time retaining what isnt needed.

  • ok, the guide linked is amazing. now is there a how to install custom maps for dummies?

  • @Imperial-Nerfherder

    To install a custom map is a similar process to a vehicle or an MLO (house, interior).
    Each one is different, each one has its own instructions.
    Unfortunately, older maps may have collision issues - this means falling through the ground.
    Post if you need help with a particular map and someone here can help you.
    Keep in mind, if you can install and load a car properly, it means your system is properly setup and configured for modding.

  • @Imperial-Nerfherder

    For a summary here. The more you understand how mods work, the easier it will be to install them.

    Troubleshooting is most often required because the person with the issue never bothered to learn how the GTA 5 mods work, instead they just blindly followed instructions and made mistakes in the process.




  • that is where things get confusing, one tutorial makes it seem like you NEED map editor while other ones act like its not needed. there doesnt seem to be a clear "if you want to do this, you need this". Minecraft modding is much more straightforward. i know i need map editor to make custom maps like race courses, i believe you can add landmass. i can fix collision by adding solid objects just under the ground etc. im great at USING mods, i have no clue how they work.

  • @Imperial-Nerfherder

    You brought up a good point. There are quality maps and shitty maps.

    Ironically, the quality maps are the easiest ones to install. For example the racetracks by this modder.


    Excellent conversions, easy to install, problem free.

    Then you have the crap like Menyoo maps, which are just xml text files, and crap like map editor etc.
    If you go the Menyoo route, it's easy. Just read the instructions.
    The map builder garbage requires additional stuff, not worth it, but if you choose so, once more follow the instructions.

    After a few installs, of any mods, you won't need instructions. I delete them by habit.

  • @JohnFromGWN ah, ok, can you give me a good trainer et al for the core framework? i only know menyoo was reccomended as a more native ui looking trainer. i can live with simple trainer. i wish i could find an add money setting for it though. i only saw menyoo while i was trying to learn how to install the liberty city remix. my first benchmark is having all the rockstar maps i can get on a single world and custom build it from there. some cyberpunk/blade runner reskin in some spots, tron in others, some last of us or other zombie franchise etc. its playing off an idea i have going in minecraft. a custom planet building company like the one in hitchiker's guide make custom worlds, someone probably ordered a video game sort of world {google LitRPG books, great series, basic premise is "the system" converts earth to a video game world or the character is reincarnated as a video game character} so im going to build one of the custom worlds they built for a client that got converted. so vice city might end up suspended above downtown with a nice highway spiraling upward. another map will be under a dome with tunnels if i can figure out having air and working traffic AI in underwater tunnels. alternatively, a suitably "i like this" map made from various city and feature maps i'll find when i search maps on the site.
    either way i know NOTHING about whats good and whats "good god why did they write this crap?" so im fine skipping menyoo altogether if its not good and not needed.
    i feel more confident in you knowing what im trying to accomplish than in my ability to articulate it so could you please recommend a starting list for what ive defined as the core framework? Admittedly im still in the "ohmygodthismodisawesome!!!!!!!!!!!" for each and every mod i see stage and its clouding my judgement. i do much better with a starting selection than i do with picking a starting selection. mild autism, shitty designer, AMAZING builder.

  • also, i realize i need A map editor, not Map Editor specifically. my concern is having the best starting setup and then choosing from mods for that framework, not just being able to do everything if that makes it clearer?

  • @Imperial-Nerfherder

    You can have multiple Trainers, although I don't recommend more than 2, or you can just try some out - they're thankfully free.

    I hate Simple Trainer due to its interface, but that's just me.

    I only use one Trainer, Menyoo, but I have my own LemonUI Mod Menus for spawning and for teleporting, tasks, animations, etc.

    As for Map Editors and stuff like that, they are optional. I have never used them and never will.

    I only install quality maps and thankfully there are hundreds available in the mods section.

  • @JohnFromGWN i saw lemon and ifruit mentioned as well. i cant find anywhere that discusses categories of mods, everyone just talks about a specific one. im going to check out fivem because i can look at a range of features and quickly find the best mods for each element

  • @Imperial-Nerfherder Just a little advice. The big maps like Liberty City, San Fierro and such, they don't require Menyoo or Map Editor.

    The main reason to it is because they use custom 3D models. Menyoo and Map Editor people stacks up bunch of game's original (we call them vanilla) props together and creates a shape of model.

    If they are not small and simple, Menyoo and Map Editor maps should always be avoided. Spawning so many props with external mods/trainers will cause very heavy performance drop. For that reason such a big mod like Liberty City can't be done with Menyoo or Map Editor. If you see any, don't install if you don't want your gpu to suffer a nuclear meltdown. Game would crash before anyway...

    The middles between these 2 are .ymaps . These divided into 2 categories but I will mention only one. ymap maps are basically the same as Menyoo and Map Editor maps but they are made to be a part of the game instead of activated with trainers or external loaders. Despite still suffering from the performance drop, they run much better and smoother compared to trainer/external loaded versions.

    If you have seen big map mods with Menyoo or Map Editor, those might be some additional stuff made by other people. Some uses them to add peds and vehicles around the map since these can't be dynamically added by custom models or ymaps. They have a CarGen but not reliable, so no need to go into details about something will be too complicated for you.

    Also except the essential ones (like packfile, heapadjuster etc. which are covered in @JohnFromGWN 's link), don't install others at once. Do some testings first. Drive a few minutes on original game world, then drive a few minutes on the modded map you installed and see will you have any crashes or heavy performance drops. If all is fine, move on to the next map.

  • @MissySnowie all im trying to do is make something along the lines of a base builder/survival like youd find on fivem. with minecraft, you can find all sorts of guides on what mods you need to make which type of game from a dungeon crawler to a story based rpg adventure. but if i type "gtav crafting system mod" into google, i cant find a single mod listed that does what im seeing in the fivem GTAi Zombie server that SHOWS me they have mods that will let me make minecraft theft auto with a last of us reskin and my iron man armor in a city of infinitely spawning zombies

  • @MissySnowie hi, this is more for closing this than replying to you , but ive finally figured out a more coherent idea of what i want and would love for you to input on the new thread i'll start. it will be about removing collision boxes and textures.

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