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Broken textures

  • The site doesn't seem to have a search function and i'm sure this issue has ben seen before but i couldn't find a thread on the topic.

    I'm pretty new to gta modding but i've kind of got the hang of it for the most part. somewhere along the line of adding new stuff, i ran into an issue where the mp characters have broken textures for the "upper" category of the wardrobe section. There is a permanent shirt overlay and the characters bodies underneath is invisible for every single slot in the category. i don't know what caused this, but i was wondering if anyone had seen it before and if there was a place to download default files to fix this(i'd be fine with a mod that fixes this aswell) without having to revert my game back to factory and start over.

    thanks in advance!

  • @biometric To be able to identify a problem, you need to know what did you install. I don't really know much about MP Peds but they are different and more complicated compared to addon peds. The main reason is they can have a file name multiple times and not sure how but game somehow able to sort those in a different order (if what I said makes sense to you).

    So the best you can do is remembering when did this started happening and what did you install around that time.

    It can be tied to one or more dlcpacks so you need to backup those inside mods folder and testing in small chunks until you find the culprit.

    If you haven't used mods folder, you need to verify integrity of the game so it redownloads the original files and replaces the modded ones. Well, you can back them up but need to remember which ones you modified too...

    If you can't verify the integrity for some reasons, didn't use mods folder and don't remember what did you install, you need to reinstall the game. Unless if you are lucky enough to find someone who had the same problem and remembers which mod caused it.

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