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i need help with the quantv malware thing (idk which files to delete,im using ver3.0)

  • i downloaded this graphic mod called quant v and i just found out that it has a malware that could delete your files and i dont know which file to delete,can anyone tell me which file to delete?

  • @johnporkofficial I don't know what did you install so can't say for sure (you need to look inside the .oiv files with 7zip to see what did you install) but the malware was inside QuantV.asi and enbhelper.dll .

    Removing these 2 will remove the virus (if you installed the August version, earlier versions don't have it) but yeah, you still need to remove the textures, timecycles and all that if you wish to use another graphic mod. If you wish to keep using quant, then you can keep the rest except those 2.

    A little side note, July version doesn't have malware.

    If you want to be sure though, after launching the game first time, let it load and exit the game. Then look inside x64\data\errorcodes in the game folder and check is there a file named romanian.txt . If there is, it means you still have a malware file installed to your game and in your next launch it will wipe your drives.

  • my wall paper just changed idk why but thx

  • @johnporkofficial

    I doubt Quant put in additional malware to change your desktop, unless the image says "Gotcha. Going to wipe all your drives clean now".

    Funny how QuantV would have passed inspection on Virus Total. If it hadn't, everyone would have just ignored warnings. Best to stay in denial, must be false positives.

    Rmdir you say? Quant probaly meant remove doors from the interior...Rmdir....get it?

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