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Hookies to Neptune's net

  • Hey guys so I'm working on hookies place yesterday I've created and imported my 3d sign and edited some ymap of hookies the thing is I successfully imported my 3d model but somehow duplicated the props I had to replace the whole country_02.rpf or wherever I had it installed ,now I've edited it again I've deleted and moved some stuff in the ymaps but nothing changes and I can't get my 3d model to appear again I've changed the ymaps I've added my ytyp edited the "_manifest." Everything in its place but I can't get them to work and it's a whole cycle I replace them again with the original files , I go to codewalker I edit the ymap import but now the logo doesn't appear and the props keep duplicating can someone help me please ,there's like 3 or 4 paths of the ymaps and I don't know which one is the right path please help


    This is how it appears now and how it appeared but with props duplicated

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