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OpenIV offline

  • I'm just passing this on although 90% of you wouldn't have noticed this unless you did a new install.

    There are 2 versions of OpenIV. The online one (which is no longer available and may never be again) and the offline one. They don't have the same version numbers. The online version is more recent than the offline one.

    After the April 4 bullshit, I did extensive testing on another computer - completely from scratch. The setup, mods, and configuration are identical on both installations but the new setup has some glitches. The only difference between the two is OpenIV. My "production" setup is based on OpenIV online.

    My test setup had to be based on OpenIV offline.

    I wonder if they are different.

  • Yeah I've noticed that when loading up OpenIV lately it takes forever when it says (connecting), a problem I've never had before.

  • @JojiTX
    I haven't noticed delays. The issues, on the test computer, were folder paths that were no longer recognized.

  • @JohnFromGWN I was sent the New Technology Studio folder from AppData to a friend who needed the online version of OpenIV. Although it gave error on him.

    We even found a folder called Restore and replaced the files with those, but it still didn't work out :thinking: Kept giving HID and key error, I am assuming that is the encryption key it is searching at the first time launch.

    I am just wondering, does OpenIV has a built-in Installation Repair feature that can be done. Those mostly being available after you launch the installer again while the program is already installed but ugh, I am too scared to go through that lol :rofl: :rofl: Going to try in my potato laptop though and see how will it goes.

    @JojiTX I'm having that too, when I open it it says Connecting but it doesn't wait more than 2 seconds or so. That happens since the original website is down, luckily though it doesn't require to establish a connection to open, unlike RGSC and RGL <3

  • @MissySnowie Unfortunately the most current version of Open4, the online version, isn't portable. Which means it makes entries elsewhere than just its Windows folders....like the registry i guess....who knows, who cares.

    You just can't move it from one PC to another.
    I also tried overwriting the offline version (once installed) with the online version.
    I was pretty sure that wouldn't work...it didn't.

  • @JohnFromGWN I wonder, how it would go if we would download the OpenIV Online from Wayback Machine, then move the folder to AppData first, then install the OpenIV :thinking: :thinking:

    Theoritically it should skip the downloading of that 20 MB since it is already present but will it see it.

  • @MissySnowie

    It's a good idea but you're overlooking an important piece.
    The online version required the OpenIV host server. This is no longer possible.
    So no, you can't do it that way. Not in theory that is.

  • @JohnFromGWN But the requirement for server wasn't only for downloading that 20 MB? :thinking: If it needs a verification though well, it won't work :(

  • @MissySnowie

    Honestly, I never paid attention. The server did provide the download but the installation was never portable.
    I don't know much about the offline version other than I needed to use it for testing purposes.
    Ive only installed OpenIV online once, and that was 2 years ago.

  • @JohnFromGWN Yeah it's still trying to download files but failing and cancelling installation :(

    and the OpenIV.exe itself from the AppData is giving Core.xml error :( I guess I need to fill <HID> and <Key> myself but the what the hell are those I have no idea at all :(

    HID feels like Hardware ID but which hardware's ID that is...

    and Key probably gta5.exe's encryption key which is impossible for me to find. but why not OpenIV just opens and find it like it normally does :/ Maybe they are something else your guess is as good as mine :(

  • @MissySnowie

    One of the admins here had written OpenIV and SH5 were on same servers, but that's not what the WHOIS database says. They are on different servers.
    Alexander Blade posted a very short message that his site was back up on April 11, but no explanation. The only message we got from OpenIV team was a twitter message which said no eta at this time.

    Will OpenIV team come back? The quick answer is yes, but at some point they may lose interest, time, and passion.

    If R* does an update that breaks, intentionally or not, the addon process, we are in big trouble.

    I think CW developer, deyfex, is the only one having the skills to replace it. But would he?

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