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Are ViceCry related mods allowed?

  • I was planning on creating a mod using ViceCry, however, since the this mod is no longer available on 5mods because of the Rockstar DMCA takedown, is it still fine for me create mods that use this map? I know there are some mods like that on this site but I'm just making sure.

  • @M8T Take2 only targetting their own assets. If you don't import anything from their other games they won't DMCA it. Although I wish to say one little thingy, generally speaking modding is not allowed at all as Reverse Engineering is against their EULA.

    So if they get offended, they still "can" DMCA it, but very doubtful :D At least for now they are not going down that road but can't say what they may come up with tomorrow ..

  • @MissySnowie If I get DMCA'd at least I can brag to everyone lol.

  • @M8T True haha :D I wonder how their perspective on modding in gta 5 will be when the 6 comes out.

  • @M8T It will depend on the admins, but you're absolutely right, this site is full of mini maps and other addons for Liberty City etc.

    There's a big difference in hosting something related to a map or game and hosting the full map.

    What's crazy is that there haven't been more takedown requests. Almost all GTA5 mods, here or on FiveM, are conversions of IP.

    I guess the difference is that other gaming companies respect modding, R* doesn't.

  • @JohnFromGWN Yeah R* a :smiley_cat:, well anyway I just found out that ViceCry is incompatible with mp maps so it doesn't really matter anymore (unless there's a fix). The ideas I had are scrapped since I don't want to sacrifice mp maps.

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