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R*'s & T2's future perspective on GTA 5 modding after 6 comes out

  • What do you guys think their perspective and approach will be on GTA 5 modding after 6 coming out?

    Will they completely abandon 5 and let it go?
    Will they shut it down, permanently?
    You think would they keep doing constant updates?

    An umbrella company sends 2 salesman to a town.
    First one reports; "No one have umbrella in this town, we definetly need to do mass selling."
    Second one reports; "No one have umbrella in this town, we wouldn't make a single profit."

  • @MissySnowie

    My guess is that they aren't in any hurry to release GTA 6 because their cash cow is GTAO. You really don't want the distraction of GTA 6 when you're making so much money from morons online.

    My thoughts on GTA 6. The game will be garbage, total garbage, total woke. This could impact GTA6 online sales as well - no violence, no swearing, no crime ---why play online? The attraction of GTA 5 will be gone.

    Will I buy GTA 6? Absolutely. When it's on sale on Steam. Why buy it? Because the Open World, I'm sure, will be amazing as will be the graphics and physics.

    Will modding GTA5 die? I don't think so. It will depend on many factors including Rockstar and OpenIV. But it should slow down.

    I think the biggest factor that will contribute to a decline is that the community is becoming more and more dependent on tools and those tools will evaporate.

    The average user here needs a tool to install mods, a tool to uninstall mods, a tool to launch, a tool to bypass launch, etc.

    Nobody wants to learn anything, they all want everything done for them with tools.

    I was shocked by a comment on that new bypass tool by a expert programmer and one of the most knowledgeable people here who said this new mod was essential to the future of modding. I have to disagree. Unfortunately Rockstar can shut any tool like that, if that's their intention, with the next update...and updates.

    Instead of sitting waiting for a solution or reverting to illegal means, I spent hours fixing my maps. I will continue to do things myself until the point where I can no longer do that. All my major maps are fixed now, I know how to fix the others...maybe not 100% of them, but all the important ones.

    I want to keep learning. Want to keep being autonomous, not depending on others, not using any tools with a few exceptions.

  • @JohnFromGWN You are quite right. GTA 6 didn't seem too much promising to me, well I didn't see any early footage leaks of 5 but judging by their pre-alpha stage 5 were looked much better to me. But still, so much can be done to improve a game and make it beautiful. Seen it from No Man's Sky, seen the opposite from Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Cyberpunks of 2shitty7 too...

    That mod, although quite nice and amazing, can't exactly be considered essential entirely. Well to some point, it is. Why, because if rockstar would ever do something to the new exe to block the loading of asi files or something else that is crucial, that mod can be the only way to continue playing a modded game legally. (Well not exactly legally either but not going to dive into Mariana Trench level of detail, you get my meaning anyway).

    On the other hand, Take2 knows exactly where to strike with what to strike when it wants to cripple modding. They know the restriction they do by changing the game files can be bypassed, but changing Social Club can't be bypassed, especially if it is a server side change, which we have all seen at Error Code 16. (Clueless offline kiddies will see more once the fog clears out...).

    So unfortunately and hate to admit, it is very possible for them any time they want to stop that mod from running :( Considering the source code also been shared, it's not going to be much difficult for them .. It's like giving an unencrypted crack to the hands of Denuvo engineers.

    As long as they continue ignoring it, it will allow people to play in reverted in peace. Once they feel otherwise, it will no longer be essential, won't be even a thing .. No difference than NoGTALauncher...

    I think we will see this happen too, logically thinking, it is foolish to believe they would let Social Club Bypasser running after shutting down Launcher Bypassers... I believe I am right, but I am so much hoping I am wrong ..

  • @MissySnowie
    If the modding community pushes too hard, Rockstar can bring down the hammer.They can build as many layers of verification as they want.

    When I first started modding, I posted a question on the GTA5 Steam forum and within minutes I had the entire discussion group posting I had been reported and that Steam would ban my account and other threats and unpleasantries.

    Why? Because the real GTA5 community, the one generating revenue for Rockstar, is the GTA5 online one. They thought I was asking about how to cheat online. For them modding means hacking,

    The saddest part is the attitude of our own modding community.
    How many people have taken 5 minutes from their precious lives to submit a symbolic ticket to Rockstar support to ask them politely to respect our community?

    Instead we revert not only our games, we revert to tricks, and tools, and many to piracy rather than dialog.

    Hatred is easier and more natural, more suited to our species.


  • @JohnFromGWN Exactly. It's sad to see too there are so many people are also against singleplayer trainers too and judging people. Was seen in Deus Ex's, someone was said the items you buy are 1 time use only and only in 1 character, and 50 others jumping in saying "I was able to beat the game without any microtransactions.". So imagine like, Tesla's autopilot being a subscription based micro transaction and people are defending rocket waster cuz we can drive the car ourselves too :D

    I was sent a ticket but didn't even check the reply, assuming I even got any :sweat_smile: Once upon a time my account was hacked because of how shitty their securities are then they said I am responsible for my own account. Well it is you holding all my password and info. I can only do so much to protect my account, but I can't stop you getting data breaches...

    Why haven't they blamed themselves when a kiddo hacked their system to download gta 6. Why sending FBI to him instead of accepting the blame and resigning...

    As such, my ticket went without any help. Now thinking about it, I really wanna be hired by their customer support team. They are literally being paid to ignore customers. Most of them don't even know the game, saw a video someone prank calling rockstar support and asking to be forwarded to gta support team. There he uses Trevor's voice lines and none of them can even recognize the voice. Let's give aaaaalll of them the benefit of the doubt that voices changing a bit over phone and hard to recognize, but dude, seriously, how can they not recognize his most iconic speeches even after when they ask his name, he says "Trevor. Los Santos" ????

    alt text

  • @MissySnowie
    I exchanged several emails and I'm almost certain that they don't have any support people. This is 100% bot managed. The AI is about the same as the NPCs in GTA5, well actually less sophisticated.

    None of their answers addressed my complaint. They just apologized. Their answers were never in context, nothing even closely resembling my specific situation.

    So perhaps tickets are not the way to go. In other words right strategy, wrong tactic.

    We would need a way to get the message across politely and forcefully to the right people through the right channels.

    For example, some GTA5 youtuber influencers with millions of views.

    A company like Rockstar doesn't want bad publicity, it's bad for business. The modding community is full of resentment and even hatred for Rockstar. That's not good.

    Why not just end modding completely? That's what Rockstar should do. People would still hate them but the forums would shutdown and as they do the public bitching would end.

    I'm still laughing at the thought of many ppl who foolishly think they can beat Rockstar updates legally forever.

    That's entirely Rockstar's decision. We enjoyed reverting for awhile, but when they say it's enough, it's over.

  • @MissySnowie I believe GTA6 will be great. Map should be gigantic and the story deep and probably the best in the series. But the revenue GTA5 got is very unlikely to happen again soon.

    The main thing is everything new wanting to be big will need to support ray tracing, and you kinda need to keep some consistency on what people get. GTA5 runs on DX10, it is a massive amount of hardware capable of delivering good experience, so that'll probably be the major barrier. Thus why they can't simply shut it down any soon.

    People will mod GTA6 and will keep modding GTA5 because people like to mod. I bet you guys spend a lot(really) more time modding than actually playing.

    Modding legally may become harder, but it is already a PITA and barely legal anyway so whoever cares will simple care less, given enough time.

  • @Sata said in R*'s & T2's future perspective on GTA 5 modding after 6 comes out:

    @MissySnowie I believe GTA6 will be great. Map should be gigantic and the story deep and probably the best in the series. But the revenue GTA5 got is very unlikely to happen again soon.

    I also think the map and environment will be great, purportedly Miami. With enhanced graphics, animations, more interiors, etc.

    The revenue will keep coming from online whether it is 5 or 6, or both, not just SP.

    Not sure about the story because it won't be consistent with previous titles. Grand Theft Auto meant crime, but we got more than that. We got drugs, gratuitous violence, blood, cannibalism, misogyny, racism and racial stereotypes, homophobia, and much more. Just walk down the street in Los Santos and give an NPC a wrong look and you'll get cursed out with some very strong swearing and cursing.

    It doesn't matter whether you condone or condemn the attributes above that are present throughout the franchise. The reality is none of those will be tolerated in today's environment except for the crime and violence.

    You can't have solely male protagonists. You can't have misogyny, which includes the sex trade. You can't have racial stereotypes. Rockstar justified racist slurs like the ones between Lamar and Franklin, or better still between Franklin and Tonya, because they were between characters of the same ethnicity. Would that be acceptable today?

    So great story? Hopefully. Could you have great female protagonists? Of course, doesn't get better than Lara Croft. But unfortunately beauty might not be acceptable today. Will be more acceptable to have a female lead that looks like Trevor with breasts.

    Like GTA? Doubt it.

  • @JohnFromGWN said in R*'s & T2's future perspective on GTA 5 modding after 6 comes out:

    The reality is none of those will be tolerated in today's environment

    It was never really "tolerated". It was always controversial. Trevor shocked even me lol

    Yet the leaked footage depicted the protagonist as a girl, robbing a restaurant, keeping lots of people hostage and there was even her walking in a strip club and it was not bad at all.

  • @Sata I guess tolerated was the wrong word. What I meant is Rockstar won't have the balls to go as far as they did previously.

    I remember the first time I saw GTA played. It was a friend's son, couldn't have been more than 10 years old, and he was beating people to death randomly with a baseball bat.

    Definitely bad parenting but aside from that, definitely a game with mass appeal.

    So can you make a great story that is still GTA lore friendly? Or will it be Grand Theft Misdemeanor.

  • @JohnFromGWN said in R*'s & T2's future perspective on GTA 5 modding after 6 comes out:

    We got drugs, gratuitous violence, blood, cannibalism, misogyny, racism and racial stereotypes, homophobia, and much more.

    I had Carmen Sandiego, Claire Redfield and Lara Croft when I was a kid. All of them really badass. So GTA not having a female lead character is just because it was avoided really, which I find troubling indeed. Why not?

    Everything else you mention is depicted in a neutral manner. Those stuff are real and the problem is that they exist, not that they are in a game. Specially the cannibalism.

    I don't think it is gratuitous tho. Let's keep V in mind. Franklin suffers cause he's black, that's clear, so he'll do what he can. Michael is good on big stuff, also a very troubled soul, using alcohol to escape his shit mess family. Trevor just lacks every single thing a person would need to achieve any sort of mental stability.

    It is ugly most of the time, but it is not gratuitous. There will be some moms club in US saying that's the proof games(or whatever) make our kids violent, but shit parents were always there. What can we do?

  • @Sata said in R*'s & T2's future perspective on GTA 5 modding after 6 comes out:

    It is ugly most of the time, but it is not gratuitous.

    Depends on your definition. In Story mode, as player, I've been attacked, unprovoked and randomly at Venice Beach and also by gangs.

  • @JohnFromGWN Game is rated 17+, if you are that old and have access to this game, you should definitely know that those stuff can happen. Aleatory proof:

    So it's not that the game invented it. Shall we ban every WWII movie? Of course not... ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    On the other hand, I let my son play the game. He is 3 years old. So I'll use Menyoo to set "Never Wanted" and "Everyone ignores the player". This alone reduces a lot of the violence on the environment, I'll also be by his side all the time when he is playing(he uses the controller while I'll help he keeping on track with the keyboard). I also use invincibility, but that's just to avoid constant loading. But I don't remove the gore, as I want that falling from a building do look painful, you know...

    A few weeks back he was playing, and he was over accelerating in a turn and did run over a ped. I said "you need to be careful with the people on the streets, son", to what he answered "this is a videogame, dad, there are no people in there".

    So really, if people do take good care of their children, they'll understand them better and stop blaming videogames...

  • @Sata @JohnFromGWN I want the map big but more than that, populated enough. I always admired the small happy little towns in San Andreas (Angels Pine I want a lot).

    and there should be many cannibals in GTA 6 I hope. A bit of more alien invaders. Maybe even some vampires too. but not witches, the witches are bad, burn them. Vampires are cool though, they are just higher on the food chain of pesky humans. and the cannibals are just complementary :D Necessary evil at most :thumbsup_tone1:

    Let the Trumpet moms cry us a river. If only there wasn't a video game back in the first times of humanity, or back in the times of World War 1 and 2 :sob: :sob:

  • @Sata Are you from Edmonton, or do you just harbour a specific grudge for Calgary?

  • @MissySnowie I want transgender vampires, Negan, Rick Grimes, Snake, Gordon Freeman, Zoey, Luigi, Link, and Duke Nukem.

    And the Witcher too....and Superman.....and dogs that can talk....and the baby Yoda.

  • @JohnFromGWN Oh the baby Yoda is definitely a must have one :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

    alt text

    and the Geralt of Rivia (but only if he continues his good relationship with that Succubus)

  • @JohnFromGWN No grudges at all lol. I'm from Brasil. That was just a random piece of information I had running in background in my brain since last week that I could use now or never. I've seen in some topic you're from Canada, but completely forgot that, it was not personal :sweat_smile: :laughing:

  • @Sata I was just surprised because all the links mentioned Calgary which by no means is a dangerous city - except during the playoffs, but they failed to make them this year, so no worries.

  • @JohnFromGWN it was "random attack calgary" on the search bar, I knew it would return a bunch of stuff, heard from a guy that lives there

    But would probably work on many places up there:

    I think it is a USA/Canada thing.

  • @JohnFromGWN you should censor each others country to protect the kids

  • @MissySnowie yeah all of this. there are plenty of lists out there of things that existed in previous games that didn't made to V. San Andreas did got the most interactive city.

    I expected a bit more from the ocean in V. Everyone was excited that the water looked nice, there was dolphins and whales and stuff, but then there wasn't anything after that. We got subs but they collapse too soon under pressure, little boat variety and activity. If vampires why not mermaids? Or alien activity that ends up releasing the Kraken

  • @Sata Aliens also a must have too. I would happily side with them and tell the pesky puny earthlings "We don't have any grudges to your kind. We just need the planet and you are on our way. You would have done the exact same if not worse."

    Same with mermaids too, especially they are from Talokan <3 Damn the Shuri the crackhead naive :@

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