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Video for installing peds without using Meth0ds AddonPeds?

  • Just wondering please.

    Does anyone know of a video tutorial (ideally with English speech not text) how to install peds without using Meth0ds AddonPeds?

    I checked YouTube and only found videos for Meth0ds method (no pun).

    I read the written tutorial multiple times but cant make heads or tails of it.

    Ftr Meth0ds AdonPeds works perfect for me never had any issues. I am just curious to try the other way since so many seem to prefer it.

  • @gtavjamal I can screenshare you in discord :slight_smile:

    Meth0ds AddonPeds works fine as well. The menu is just might be annoying but there is an updated version of it where you can change the L key.

    The only real benefit I have by doing it manually is I can change default movement style for some. You can still do it in Meth0d's peds.meta too, it's just not on the exe.

  • @MissySnowie I just uploaded the video. Will post it.

  • @gtavjamal said in Video for installing peds without using Meth0ds AddonPeds?:

    ideally with English speech not text

    Lo siento, no hablo inglés..
    Can't nobody tell me nothing
    You can't tell me nothing
    Can't nobody tell me nothing
    You can't tell me nothing

    Note: You don't need any of the addons in the tutorial. They are optional. All you need is the template and you can remove all the samples in there.

    You can have as many folders as you want, name them whatever you want, as many rpfs in each addonpeds folder, rename them as well. Just try to keep the size under 4GB for stability.

    For new modders, you can rename peds whatever you want - just make sure you don't duplicate the names.

    IMPORTANT: Disregard my folder structure. Put your DLC (addonpeds) in DLCPACKS, like any other addon.

    Watch on Youtube at the highest resolution. Video is still processing as I write.

  • @MissySnowie

    Advantage of the template, is less garbage to install, less to worry about if that garbage isn't compatible with future updates. Lots of ppl complained about the MethOd mod being broken.

    The template isn't really a mod. It just follows the same structure as other GTA5 mods. And you can have as many as you want and rename them.

    I never had problems with MethOd, but I was very new to modding when I started. Once I saw the template, the light went on. I knew that was the way to do it, I knew I could customize it and experiment with it.

    Most importantly I removed one more dependency. My goal is not to depend on any tools whatsoever (other than the essential mods).

    Of course, R* changed the rules by eliminating reverting.

    The new tool? Honestly? If R* wants, it's gone today, tomorrow, this week.

    However R* can't stop us from fixing our mods, not currently. And this doesn't require mods.

    It requires something much more painful - work.

    @gtavjamal jokes about the 300lb South Park gamer image. Well, he is right on. Most modders will sit on their asses, eating cheetos, waiting for someone else to fix their mods.

  • @JohnFromGWN @MissySnowie

    WOW that was fast! Thanks guys you are the best!! :)

    Perfect video too! It needs to be stickied and / or attached with the written tutorial for modding dummies like myself.

    Por su extraordinaria amabilidad le deseo bendiciones para el futuro y su familia. Espero que este año te traiga gran éxito financiero y fortuna. Cruzo los dedos para que sus equipos y maquinaria nunca fallen y que sus células no se vean afectadas negativamente por los radicales libres. Les deseo una buena cosecha, sus cultivos nunca mueren y los cultivos les brindan una buena nutrición y una salud excelente para mantener un rendimiento máximo que los ayude a superar las posibles adversidades y prosperar indefinidamente al más alto nivel en todos los emprendimientos futuros. Gracias Gracias!!

  • @gtavjamal I did this one for you out of respect. I'm winding down, this is likely one of my last.

  • @JohnFromGWN Muchas gracias mi amigo!! Respect.

    You deserve a break for all your efforts but I hope you aint leaving?? Nobody leaves, we are in this forum for life! Haha.

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