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DLC cars added into traffic from WOV are disappearing when approached or driven after Epic Games 1.0.2845.0_v1 update.

  • I've had all pre requisites installed (heap adjuster, scripthook, gameconfig etc.) all of them updated, everything going well until the previous update form Epic Games version 1.0.2845.0_v1 . I had World of Variety installed prior to the update, which totally ran smoothly. After the Epic Games update, DLC cars added into traffic disappear when I approach them (which never happened until recently). If I try to drive these cars, they'd disappear after a few seconds. I wonder what I could change again for these cars to work since it's a bit frustrating. Even when I drive the Avisa submarine, it kicks me out after a few seconds.

  • You got a trainer?

  • @-EcLiPsE- I have both Menyoo and ENT installed.

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