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Is there a way to use ViceCry (and other map mods as such) and also have access to MP maps?

  • I recently installed ViceCry, but I found out that the OIV edits some files and it makes it so that all of the MP Maps cannot be loaded, is there any fix to this?

  • @M8T I don't know what your setup is nor which MP maps you use.

    I have VC and LC and CP without issues, but I never allow the OIV to install.

    Additionally I never install the asi files or any file I don't want or don't recognize.

    No pop files, no weather.xml, nothing else except mini maps.

    Essentially I only use the dlc.rpf, nothing else.

    Remember that the attitude of the creators is "I don't care if my map breaks all others, as long as mine works".

    That's why those OIV installers have gameconfig.xml, dlclist.xml, heap, pack, LS disabled, etc.

    This way it mirrors their test environment of 2020, not yours of 2023.

  • @JohnFromGWN I usually check OIV files to see what files are present and the xml that shows what the OIV does before installing it. I'm running on the latest version of GTA V right now and when I install ViceCry East Original it changes some files in x64a that messes with MP Maps starting from the Eclipse Towers Penthouse update. Without these files, ViceCry will only seem to load the lights, but will be missing pedestrians, vehicles, and the ground and buildings of Vice City.

  • @M8T

    I gave up a long time ago trying to install 100 maps at the same time. Currently, with the updated GTA5, I have 3 GTA5 platforms.

    One for VC, one for LC, and one for everything else. The principal reason for this is because the x.rpf files are differently modified and of course for game stability. To minimize duplication I moved dlcpacks out to the root folder, this way all 3 platforms share the same dlc such as vehicles and peds.

    To make the process as effortless as possible, I created a dlc selector that allows me to enable or disable dlc instantly simply by renaming files so that they load or not. Nothing gets moved, no changes to dlclist.xml.

    My suggestion to you is to create a separate mods folder, without dlc, for VC. It's not realistic to expect a map as large as VC not to have specific and unique requirements.

    I do the same with Fivem local host because I must have 1000 resources, many of which are the same buildings, for example the LA City Hall.

    And finally I also select which racetracks and other maps to load because when you have 50 or more obviously they will overlap, conflict, and suck up every last byte of memory.

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