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Identical Cars Spawning Issue

  • I've been doing modding for a while and use a custom popgroups full of lore vehicles (and I went through and removed anything with no LODs which significantly reduced crashes in town). I've edited the frequencies of vehicles, spawn distances, covered all of the basics. I also have my vehiclevarietymultiplier set to 5.5.

    On most occasions, I have no issues. Crashes are rare, the traffic is really diverse and changes like it's supposed to. My hardware handles it very well. I have 6GB VRAM and it supposedly tries to allocate more than if my vehiclevarietymutiplier is high but I have no issues.

    BUT, every so often there is a period where the traffic just gets stupid. I can go months without issues, but then all of a sudden when the game loads the traffic is fine but progresses to me noticing only 5 or 6 different cars are spawning. I go to different areas (rich/mid/poor) and it stays the same. I go to the countryside and it's different because the popgroups for that area is totally different, but then I go back to the city and it seems to spawn new cars... but then it sticks to 5 or 6 of those again.

    When this happens, further changing my vehiclevarietymultiplier does nothing. Usually 5.5 is plenty, almost excessive. But when this stuff happens I could change it to 20 and it's still exactly the same. Shut down computer, restart, etc, still the same issue. Eventually, it'll go away and all of a sudden traffic is smooth and diverse again without me doing ANYTHING differently or making any changes.

    I've experienced this on two different computers with the same settings and I really have no clue what the issue is. It is not a hardware problem. If I show videos and pictures I've taken in the past, my popgroups tends to be pretty impressive and stable most of the time. But this just keeps happening every so often and I cannot put my finger on what the problem is. At this point, I just want to know if anyone has experienced similar (preferably people who are already well-versed with popgroups, the vehicles.meta settings and settings.xml multipliers).

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