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Disabling bloods and Respawn Player after Death.

  • I want to be playing on Mega Ramp mod in single player of course.
    I saw some videos on Youtube that don't show blood and players immediately respawn after falling off the bridge.

    How do I achieve this, please?

    Example video -

  • The blood pool textures are on /update/update.rpf/x64/textures/fxdecal.ytd

    I believe it'll do the trick if you just replace all of them for 1x1 transparent png. You'll be looking fxdecal_blood_pool*, fxdecal_splatter_* and I believe pool_* as well.
    Hadn't done it myself so you get the opportunity to fail =)

    Given the kind of content you mentioned, maybe this could go further on what you are looking for:

    Can't help you with the character swap.

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