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Textures loading very slowly or not at all

  • Mainly happens after a few minutes into the game or whenever i alt tab. However its really hard to recover from even though ive tried several hotfixes such as running the game with higher priority and disabling 1 cpu slot.
    What could be causing this and how can i fix it? Changing res and lowering graphs has no effect.

  • @KostasRZ

    Where on earth did you get advice that disabling a CPU slot would fix texture loss in GTA5?

    1. Does your game run well without any mods, in plain vanilla mode
    2. Do you meet or exceed system requirements for GTA5?
    3. Are you running on a Win 7 laptop with integrated graphics or Win 10/11 on a powerful desktop?
    4. Is your game Steam, Epic, R*, Retail, or Pirated?
    5. What mods are installed?
    6. Are you rendering video while you play? Alt tabbing? Not a good idea to run background processes.

    Texture loss is generally related to memory. The more mod assets you load, the more you spawn, the more likely you will get texture loss and that you don't normally recover from. Instead you eventually crash. Big map mods, high polygon models, 4K textures, and spawning hundreds of addons will lead to texture loss.

    This mod below is absolutely not a solution for your issue, but it will help.


  • @KostasRZ Disabling a CPU Thread in a CPU intesive game??..

    Perhaps you should disable multithread entirely and run the game with a single core :D

    What could be causing it no one can know. There is no information about neither your system nor your setup. If you need to constantly alt tab run the game at Windowed Borderless.

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