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Remove advanced flags from tuners dlc cars

  • Hi all,

    as mentioned in the title, i'm trying to figure out how to remove the advanced flags from all tuners dlc cars (like cypher, calico etc.)
    In particular, i'm looking for a solution to disable permanently the hard rev limit, which force the car to slow down when it reach a certain speed.
    I noticed that this value is injected from a different file than the handling.meta (and then remove the advanced flags from the handling file does nothing).

    Does anyone know how to fix?

  • @Tenaglia

    I suspect that hard rev limit flag is likely linked to the spawn/vehicle name (cypher etc) via hidden (& afaik at this time, uneditable) flags. If you change the vehicle/spawn name though, say by using an affected vehicle & all of it's files to create an alternative add-on version of itself, but just with a different vehicle/spawn name, it should loose all of it's hidden flag attributes :thumbsup:.

    It isn't too much work to confirm anyway, just test it out on one vehicle to start with etc. If that works, you could potentially create an add-on pack with all the vehicles that have hidden advanced flag issues & then edit 'popgroups.ymt' & 'vehiclemodelsets' etc & edit any references to those vehicles that might exist & replace them with whatever you call the add-on replacement/s you create.

  • Tuners group of cars is certainly weird. My game crashes if I try to remove the flags as I normally do. The only way I get past the hard rev limit is via ikt's gear ratios mod. It'll basically allow you to acheive any speed you want all factors considered.

  • Even if you try to remove the advanced flag section or just edit the string, the game still continue to load all tuners cars with hard rev flag on. The only way to bypass the flag is (as mensioned in the previous comment) to edit the car name.

    The way I use to bypass the flags is to edit the handling file and load it every time I use the specific car by "Real Time Handling Editor".

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