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Please Help me make Rust Theft Auto

  • Hi, i have a proper tutorial to get my initial modding setup done, i have a good tutorial on how to add the modpack i want to use but i need help in fine tuning things before my final build commit and finally figured out how to articulate what im trying to accomplish. this will be a persistent world that once its set up and go, i want to add a version check skip and never update because it will not need updates beyond me adding crafting recipes and random scenario selection parameters {i heard of mods that create random missions/events} and i will be creating a singleplayer campaign game using custom mission creation or any other methods people can tell me in order to learn game design and feature integration as part of a self taught education course later. {
    I looked at fivem server because i THOUGHT id be able to find one that was generally what i wanted, get their modlist and then start searching here for everything, {blame curseforge and mojang}
    the short version is i liked the RUST style UI/inventory/looting et al from the GTAi Zombies server and i love the overall world created by this modpack https://gist.github.com/justGesha/1e88d39ed5aa9cc5c76ac2265aabe875

    to which i plan to add open all interiors some iron man, some dr strange, spider man, etc {fun zombie sandbox to serious survival game depending on my mood by what mods i enable or disable or even creating custom missions of map wide infinite spawning infinite ammo rage rooms}
    i want to add additional rockstar maps in custom placements [ i plan to fix collision by hiding solid objects in the street where needed etc.]
    world lore is custom planet commissioned by a gta fan in the hitchiker's guide to the universe and he insisted on having real zombies in the theme park which resulted in this lovely industrial accident report {doing videos "documenting my job" as a cleanup tech killing leftover zombies, repairing damage and finishing the planet because a comission is a comission and the client's check cleared}
    im going to begin the process of modding GTA V and then further adding the zombie survival mods.
    what should i add in terms of what will allow me to edit the world? to spawn in sheet metal or food or clean water or an opressor mk 2 when i feel like going and exploring the opposite side of the map or check on progresss in a different sector? or to add a custom police station or survival base or renewable resource node?
    how can i get more of a RUST style UI/keyboard and mouse experience than the "gta zombie survival game" experience the mod pack provides? {i prefer controller for when i'm doing sandbox mischief and mayhem, keyboard/mouse for more serious play}
    I want to add some maps underwater enclosed in air filled enclosures and air filled tunnels between that and the GTAV island and some in the air with road going from the island to the other maps, with support pillars etc.
    i know i'll need some sort of custom NPC and the ability to give quests etc.

  • PLEASE BE AWARE. i dont know anything about mods, i know how to use them. i dont know what mod is a mod, a script, an add on, a tool or what handles what function in game mechanics. lots of tutorials showing how to install it well enough that even i can follow it flawlessly, not one frame of video showing what it is i need to know how the mod does what i want done or a list of features for me to narrow down what i need so i ask you guys, please give me a list of what you would use to accomplish the things i want to do. i know you guys know more than me and so i respect your wisdom.

  • It won't work like this. Start from somewhere, do something, ask what to do to proceed when you're stuck.
    Right now you're just asking too much at the same time. No one will be able to help you like this.

  • sorry about that, not a good communicator. i percieve it as asking multiple separate questions {changing the UI from the GTA weapons wheel to a RUST style UI is a distinct thing from renewable resource nodes for example}

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