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How to compute volume of Peds properly.

  • Hi, there. I'm attempting at computing the volume of some Peds. Currently I'm doing it with Codewalker + Blender but the computed volumes seem excessive.
    For example the guy below seems to have volume 0.12 m^3. Just to give you an idea, this means that he should weigh around 120 Kg (264 lb). Since it is 1.82 m tall, it seems too much.
    Is there something I'm missing? Is there an easier way to compute volume? For the detailed process I'm following see below.

    Currently, to compute the volume :

    • Use Codewalker RPF Explorer to export the ped's ydd.xml file
    • Import the file into Blender using Codewalker add on.
    • Remove unnecessary mesh components (low,med level of detail).
    • Joining the mesh's components together (ctrl+J) into a single mesh.
    • Use Blender 3D-print add on to compute the mesh volume.

    I tried by removing non-manifold edges and recomputing normals but the volumes varies just slightly.

    Thanks for the attention!

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