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Is there any way to make the peds not launch when they are hit by grenades and rpg's?

  • Hello friends. Is there any way to make the peds not launch when they are hit by grenades and rpg's? I don't think it's very realistic the way they are thrown away. In real life, a person is affected by the projectiles, not the surreal impact. [SOLVED]
    alt text

  • @ROBSS In weapons.meta , find the weapon and lower ForceHitPed value. But I must say RPGs do pack a punch :slight_smile: The grenades as well, although they are heavily exaggrated in the game, but RPG impact seems real.

    The main reason you can't exactly see the RPG's actual shockwave (knockback) force on human body is because it is too much for a human body to withstand, therefore it shatters to pieces.

    In game unfortunately we can't see human body go through such a process so they just fly away :sweat_smile:

  • @MissySnowie ![alt text]
    I believe it is not, as it is already at zero and continues to be a similar spaceX launch.
    look https://ibb.co/y62TKZS

  • try physicstasks.ymt

            <NMBodyScale value="4.50000000"/>
            <HumanBodyScale value="3.00000000"/>
            <HumanPelvisScale value="1.00000000"/>
            <HumanSpine0Scale value="0.80000000"/>
            <HumanSpine1Scale value="0.60000000"/>
            <AnimalBodyScale value="1.50000000"/>
            <AnimalPelvisScale value="0.50000000"/>
            <StrongBlastMagnitude value="20.00000000"/>
            <FastMovingPedSpeed value="3.00000000"/>
            <MaxDistanceAbovePedPositionToClampPitch value="1.50000000"/>
            <PitchClampMin value="20.00000000"/>
            <PitchClampMax value="60.00000000"/>
            <MagnitudeClamp value="100.00000000"/>
            <SideScale value="2.20000000"/>
            <PitchSideAngle value="72.54240000"/>
            <PitchTorqueMin value="5.00000000"/>
            <PitchTorqueMax value="8.00000000"/>
            <BlanketForceScale value="0.10000000"/>
            <ExtraTorqueTwistMax value="15.00000000"/>
            <DisableInjuredBehaviorImpulseLimit value="105.00000000"/>
            <DisableInjuredBehaviorDistLimit value="2.00000000"/>

  • @Sata I don't have the patience to test line by line, so I reset them all and it worked. Thank you very much.

  • Just thought I'd put this here. All info in one place etc:

    For anyone interested in removing the force applied to peds from explosions on a weapon by weapon basis, that can be done by editing 'explosion.ymt'

    'explosion.ymt' needs to be exported to XML using CodeWalker to decrypt it correctly ('Export to META/XML' in OpenIV doesn't work etc).

    To disable the ped ragdoll force being applied, set the '<fRagdollForceModifier value' to zero (0.0000 etc) for any of the weapon/ammo types you want.


          <damageAtCentre value="500.000000" />
          <damageAtEdge value="75.000000" />
          <networkPlayerModifier value="2.000000" />
          <networkPedModifier value="1.000000" />
          <endRadius value="5.400000" />
          <initSpeed value="25.000000" />
          <decayFactor value="-1.000000" />
          <forceFactor value="1000.000000" />
          <fRagdollForceModifier value="0.000000" /> <!-- set this to zero -->
          <fSelfForceModifier value="1.000000" />
          <directedWidth value="0.000000" />
          <directedLifeTime value="0.000000" />
          <camShakeName />
          <camShake value="0.0" />
          <camShakeRollOffScaling value="0.1" />
          <shockingEventVisualRangeOverride value="0.0" />
          <shockingEventAudioRangeOverride value="-1.0" />
          <minorExplosion value="false" />
          <fragDamage value="1500.000000" />
          <bAppliesContinuousDamage value="false" />
          <bPostProcessCollisionsWithNoForce value="false" />
          <bDamageVehicles value="true" />
          <bDamageObjects value="true" />
          <bOnlyAffectsLivePeds value="false" />
          <bIgnoreExplodingEntity value="false" />
          <bNoOcclusion value="false" />
          <explodeAttachEntityWhenFinished value="false" />
          <bCanSetPedOnFire value="true" />

    With the edit above, force will continue to be applied to all non-ragdoll objects as normal (use '<forceFactor' value if you want to edit force applied to objects/props etc).

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