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Remove floating props

  • Hello, i'm having these floating props, i wanted to know how i can remove them

    Screenshot : https://imgur.com/a/q78W8L8

  • @Master_Findus
    Basically, load up CodeWalker, navigate to their location, select them & find out what '.ymap' they are stored in, then open that/those '.ymap/s' & remove their entries so they no longer spawn.

  • @a63nt-5m1th Yep i did it but now i have for exemple a gas tank prop that has been deleted but the LOD (I think) is still there and i can't select it with CodeWalker

    Here is the screenshot : https://imgur.com/a/kdz8SSi

  • @Master_Findus

    As a general rule:

    • 'slod_children' = LOD models
    • 'lod_#_#_#_children' = SLOD1 models

    Welcome to Rockstar logic :pensive:


    The gas tank LOD model, 'id1_props_combo0303_04_lod' in 'id1_props_combo0303_slod_children.ydd' & mapped in 'id1_rd.ymap' is a single prop & removable (I'm presuming you've probably already removed it, just being clear on what is LOD etc :thumbsup:):

    Gas Tank LOD


    The SLOD1 gas tank (see pic below), is part of a props combo (multiple props all in the same model). 'id1_props_combo0303_slod' within 'id1_lod_04_05_09_children.ydd' & also mapped in 'id1_rd.ymap':

    You can select the entire prop combo in CodeWalker, just not the individual props within it separately.

    If other props are in the way, you can move them temporarily to gain access to the one you want & if you move the camera out you can see the selection box & all props contained (move the prop combo to confirm you've selected correctly. The new position isn't saved unless you save the associated '.ymap', but if you want to move it back you can use Ctrl+Z to revert it to it's original location if needed):

    Gas Tank SLOD1 Props Combo

    Ideally, what you would do from there is load 'id1_props_combo0303_slod' up in 3DS MAX (ie export 'id1_lod_04_05_09_children.ydd' to openFormats (.odd) using OpenIV > Import ''id1_lod_04_05_09_children.odd'' into 3DS MAX using GIMS EVO plugin > find & select 'id1_props_combo0303_slod' reference) & remove just the gas tank part of the model (like I've done with this one here. Download & test it etc).

    If alternatively you remove the entire prop combo, you'll also have to remove the HD & SLOD1/2/3 parts of all the other props included in it as well & that quickly becomes messy & ultimately unsustainable (unless massive pop-in is acceptable etc).

    3DS MAX/Blender:

    So, if you plan on doing a lot of map modding you really want to get a copy of 3DS MAX that's compatible with the GIMS EVO plugin. :thumbsup: (or Blender, that's an alternative option)

    3Doomer (GIMS EVO mod author) says:

    "+Any 3D MAX version from 9(with Service Pack 2 and "AvGuard DLX Extension") to 2016."

    but 3DS MAX 2017 is also compatible natively. Some newer versions of 3DS MAX can also be made to work, if you can find compatible versions of the GIMS EVO plugin to go with them. You'll have to hunt online to find out which ones exactly if you go that route (I use an old copy of 3DS MAX 2017 I got at University, so not up on newer version compatibility etc).

    If you're just editing a few props in this immediate area & have a few additional props (ones included in prop combos) you want removed, let me know which ones & I'll be happy to remove them for you & post you the file/s :thumbsup: (send me your model files if they've been edited in some way already obvs, as I'll only have access to unedited vanilla files on my end etc).

  • Nice thank you to have took the time to go to check everything.

    It's done ^^

  • @a63nt-5m1th I'm sorry for the ping.

    I though it was good but i had to redo all the game with his mods for something else, and i tried to go to an easier way by just move the props under the map as i often see this advice. so its working i have no props but now i'm having an issue with the road that doesn't have the texture and just the LOD as you can see in theses screenshots.

    I didn't even touched to the modded road files. In CodeWalker it's looking good but not ingame so i don't understand.

    There is also a screenshot with all the i modified in the project in CodeWalker.

    Screenshots : https://imgur.com/a/rwaT34V

  • @Master_Findus
    Do you have the multiplayer map enabled? If so, that's fine, but if not, there's no need to edit the '.ymap's starting with 'bkr_'. They are only loaded if the multiplayer map is activated. Won't be the cause of your issue, but thought I'd mention it just in case you were unaware etc :thumbsup:

    Did you just move the HD &/or single item LOD models? Any LOD/SLOD1 etc prop combos edited/moved?

    Either way, syntax check the '.ymap's you edited:

    • right-click '.ymap' in OpenIV > & open them using Edit (Ctrl+Enter).
    • Hit the '[</> XML]' button at the top & resolve any syntax issues it alerts you to.

    If your ymaps are syntax error free & if you're happy to, upload your before & after '.ymap's to somewhere like https://www.mediafire.com/ & I'll download them & take a look. PM/DM me the link/s if you don't want to share them publicly. Otherwise, I'd probably recommend re-doing what you did. It isn't much work, but take your time & check in-game after each prop is edited.

    Alternatively, give me a screenshot that marks all that you want to move & I'll move them in my game & see if I get the same issue/share the files with you if it works etc. Although, if your original '.ymap's aren't vanilla, I would need a copy of them to do that, so that may or may not be practical etc.

    As to everything looking fine in CodeWalker, but being broken in-game. That can happen, differences between the results you can get in either can vary.

  • @a63nt-5m1th How can i know if i have multiplayer map enabled ?

  • @Master_Findus
    You likely don't have it enabled if you know nothing about it. It's disabled by default & usually you have to activate it manually in a trainer or a script to enable it.

  • @a63nt-5m1th Ok, so about the HD/LOD etc I moved everything layer by layer until i don't see what i wanted to don't see


  • @a63nt-5m1th Here is the link of all the ymap files i have modified until now about this


  • @a63nt-5m1th Here is the map add-on if it's more pratical for you


    And here is the screenshots of the props


    I hope it's understandable

  • @Master_Findus
    Your issue resides in 'id1_rd_long_0.ymap', the HD road model ('id1_rd_r3_04') has been removed. If you check CodeWalker, I think you'll find you are looking at the LOD model for that part of the road, possibly with HD road overlays on top of it, but underneath it's the LOD model.

    A heap of other props that are part of LOD hierarchy have also been removed/deleted. In your vanilla/unedited 'id1_rd_long_0.ymap' they are the props from line 5273 (a 'prop_storagetank_02') to line 6545 (a 'prop_streetlight_10'), they all (all 66 of them) need to be resolved & LOD hierarchy fixed or they will very likely cause issues.

    You can see a difference check of your vanilla & edited 'id1_rd_long_0.ymap' files here (the 66 props marked in red from line 5278 onwards are the files you need to fix. ie put them all back as they were & then only edit the height of the ones you want removed/hidden under the map).

    Ignore any very small differences in position or rotation values of entries/props higher up in that comparison (like Line 35, or 207 etc). You get small difference like that when a file is saved.

  • @a63nt-5m1th So what i have to do to fix it correctly ?

    Is it there i have to do something for the road and put it to HD model ?


    And for the second part how i do that ?

  • @Master_Findus
    I edited my previous post with some more details :thumbsup:

    I would probably just start with a vanilla/unedited 'id1_rd_long_0.ymap' & work from there. Don't remove/delete anything & only move below the map the stuff you have to.

  • @a63nt-5m1th i didn't notice you of that cuz i see it now by looking fior the files in the game.

    I have NVE installed and i have this files also there so do i have to do something with it ?


  • @Master_Findus
    Depends whether it's the version of that '.ymap' file loaded by the game or not. If you make changes to a '.ymap' & those changes are reflected in-game, that's the one loaded by the game, so if the edits you made to the id1_rd_long_0.ymap previously have been applied in-game, you don't need to edit any other file.

    The default vanilla single player load location for 'id1_rd_long_0.ymap' is:

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday2ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5_citye\indust_01\indust_01_metadata.rpf\id1_rd_long_0.ymap

    but, yeah, additional mods can override that. If you're not sure, just edit a single file at a time until you find the one loaded by the game :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Ok i'll looking to that a bit later so i'll come back to you

    Thank you in any case ^^

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