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add on car tuning bug

  • after a bunch of cars i cant tune my car i only can change the color not even the rims if i try it with menyoo my game crashes any advices folks?
    i have packfile, heap adjuster and gameconfig.

  • @M5-Guy
    ModKit ID conflict. Basically, two (or more) vehicles are sharing the same ModKit ID. You want to change one of them which will allow the single vehicle left using that ModKit ID to utilise it's upgrades.

    If you set a vehicle's ModKit ID values in carvariations/carcols to '0_default_modkit' & that then allows you to change the rims (upgrades will still be missing), that is a confirmed ModKit ID conflict:


          <id value="0"/>



    ModKit ID Conflict:

    Sometimes it can be fixed by changing the ModKit ID numbers in carvariations/carcols for the vehicle affected, but it appears (from what I've seen online) that doesn't always work.

    Best to read up on ModKit ID conflicts either way. Here is a Google search of this forum for "ModKit ID".

    I myself removed all vanilla upgrades/freed up all vanilla ModKit IDs & hardly ever run into the issue, so I'm not too up on the best current method to avoid/fix it, but someone will have likely posted something about it. It's been a recurring issue for many years.

    Confirm it's a ModKit ID conflict by setting the vehicle to use '0_default_modkit' instead of it's default tuning & then if you can change the wheels, revert the changes & try changing the ModKit ID numbers in carvariations/carcols.
    If that doesn't work (after trying multiple different numbers), follow that^ link & do some reseach, there are alternative methods that exist, like the aforementioned removal of all vanilla mod kits or scripts like ZolikaPatch V that claim to remove ModKit ID limits. You just need to figure out what one works best for you etc :thumbsup:

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