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Where can I find timecycle presets?

  • Hi

    Where can I find these effects and apply to my game? Zolikas trainer also has option to add these effects but they don't save when I restart the game.

    Here I found a list of timecycle presets already in the game.

    Basically I want to remove sunlight but cant figure out which values in visualsettings.dat or timecycle files I need to edit and some of these presets are perfect for what I want my GTA to look like. If you can help with this or the above either would solve my issue.

    Help would be much appreciated. Thanks

  • @shiraiko
    The timecycle modifiers values are stored in these files:


    By default they are here:
    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\timecycle (1, 3 & 4)
    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\common.rpf\data\timecycle (2)

    Search those 4 files for the name of the timecycle modifier you want to apply in-game to see it's values. As long as it's a vanilla timecycle modifier, it'll be in one of them.

    Note: You can move 'timecycle_mods_2.xml' to 'update.rpf\common\data\timecycle' so they are all in the same place if you like, if it's not there already etc.

    The values inside timecycle modifiers are all inside the timecycle files ('w_extrasunny.xml' etc). No need to edit 'visualsettings.dat' if a timecycle modifier gives you the look you want :thumbsup:.

    Timecycle Modifier Values:

    Timecycle modifiers stack on-top of the already existing timecycle values, so taking values from a timecycle modifier & using them to replace values in a timecycle file ('w_extrasunny.xml' etc) doesn't always get you the same look. You can test it out if you like, but to get an identical look to what you get by applying a timecycle modifier in-game with a trainer etc, you'll likely want to create a '<timeCycleModifiers>' entry in a '.ymap' (take a look in 'hw1_blimp.ymap' &/or 'dt1_tc.ymap' as that is where the majority of the vanilla ones are stored):

    Basically, you create something like this within the '<timeCycleModifiers>' section of the '.ymap':

          <name>*YOUR_TIMECYCLE_MODIFIER_NAME HERE*</name> <!-- change name to name of your timecycle modifier -->
          <minExtents x="-50000.00000000" y="-50000.00000000" z="-5000.00000000"/>
          <maxExtents x="50000.00000000" y="50000.00000000" z="20000.00000000"/>
          <percentage value="100.00000000"/>
          <range value="100.00000000"/>
          <startHour value="0"/>
          <endHour value="23"/>

    & that timecycle modifier will be applied 24/7 (change the times if you like ('<startHour', '<endHour' etc) across the entire map & look identical to applying a timecycle modifier using a trainer etc :thumbsup:

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