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Textures are flashing

  • Hi, i have the game modded but here is my problem in video to be more understandable.

    I play on
    Ryzen 3900x
    32 GB 3200
    RTX 2070 used at 100% with the video memory used at 100%
    Game on SSD

    Is it due to the fact the graphic card is at her maximum of Vram ?

  • @Master_Findus
    Possibly. Lower your VRAM usage (by lowering the in-game settings etc) & if the problem goes away you have your answer :thumbsup:

  • @Master_Findus @a63nt-5m1th

    Those specs are remarkably similar to the PC I build for myself a few years ago. Ryzen 9 3900X, G.SKILL Trident Z Neo 32GB (2 x 16GB), GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB, Samsung 970 EVO PLUS 500GB. Actually game isn't on the EVO, it's installed on an internal mechanical drive.

    There is absolutely no reason why you can't play the game at the highest settings. I do this fullscreen at 2560x1440. The only time I'll experience texture loss, and FPS drop, is if I install way too many maps at the same time or repeatedly spawn hundreds of peds or vehicles. There was a version of Vice City which had this issue, unless you started game with normal visual settings as recommended by author, but that's not your case.

    In vanilla mode you shouldn't have the slightest problem with your specs. Same for modded unless you screwed up one particular setting. A reset to default settings for your visuals and advanced visuals can rule that out. A verify integrity might also fix something that isn't right. Although your game should run perfectly without it, this mod can free up memory.

    Also, don't run background apps while playing, do a fresh reboot to clear out and free up memory, and make sure your SSD isn't close to full capacity. Windows doesn't like drives that show up in red. Updating your Nvidia video drivers can't hurt either even though this game is from 2015.

    Your hardware specs are fine, but ensure none of your components are faulty by running diagnostics.

  • @Master_Findus
    That area is pretty close to your 'Remove floating props' thread location isn't it? If it's only happening in that area, I would suspect they are related etc :thumbsup:.

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