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Games Crash On Loading Screen Please Help Me!

  • Hello Guys
    Please Help! My mind is blowing i have installed too many addon dlc and i start the game it crashes on loading screen and i start it again without changing anything game open and i play the game i turn off pc and try to play tomorrow game carsh again in loading screen i start it again after a minute it opens succsessfuly but sometimes i need to try and try so does anybody has any idea what its going on with her

  • @allleisa very impressive answer. AI bots are getting more and more sophisticated. Humans generally can't write that well or in that somewhat pedantic style. Would be more believable if the text was dumbed down. However full marks for proper context and relevant if overly generalized advice, particularly 16 days late as first posting.

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  • @allleisa Ok I like to give people benefit of the doubt but are you actually serious with reaching out to rockstar for modding support?

    This is your regular interaction with rockstar support, (especially about modding) ;

    Agent: alt text

    / Agent left the chat and closed the ticket.

    There is some truth in your answer though, which is disabling the addons in bulks. Although it seems like the original poster truly messed up the game, inconsistent crashes are not a good sign and can be very difficult to solve, mainly because your game might not crash despite you still have the problematic mod installed.

    There are only 2 ways solving inconsistent crashes but you can utilize only one depending on the situation;

    1. If your game was working fine before with mods and crashes only started happening after the last mods you installed, you can go ahead and uninstall them all.
    2. If you actually installed so many stuff at the very beginning without even testing, uninstalling every mods and start reinstalling from the beginning while doing some testings is only option. However it is never guaranteed.

    @JohnFromGWN He is lucky though this game isn't like Skyrim :sweat_smile: I remember a mod in that game that was causing issue after 3-4 days of playing and the only reason I was able to figure out which mod is it was because in the last week I was installed only 2 mods :rofl: If it's the 2nd situation, I don't give much of a chance for him being able to determine the problem unless he got some lucky angels around... I know for sure it would have been quite difficult even for me ..

  • @MissySnowie said in Games Crash On Loading Screen Please Help Me!:

    He is lucky though this game isn't like Skyrim

    Skyrim is coming real soon.

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