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Add on not showing up in game

  • I can t install add-on cars in my game,i recently deleted the mods folder because it was a total mess and now i created a new one and i put the update folder in it,now i installed a add on mod,edited the dlclist,putted it in the correct dlcpack on the mods folder but when i start the game it s just wont show up,like the trainer or the add on spawner just not detect the new dlc.. idk why if you can help me,and yea i checked if my dlclist.xml it s valid,and it is

  • @andreyooe
    Try putting 'update2.rpf' in you 'mods' folder next to 'update.rpf' also. If that doesn't work, double-check the basics, folder structure/file location/OpenIV plugins installed? (reinstall OpenIV plugins again even if they're installed already) etc

    What error message do you get when you try to spawn the vehicle by name? Enter the name manually, don't rely on the trainer etc to find the vehicle automatically etc.

  • I already have update2.rpf in the mods folder,when i try to spawn it,it s like no valid model found or something,no valid name etc.. like the add-on spawner doesn t find something there and that s messed up

  • @andreyooe
    If your game loads without update2.rpf in the 'mods' folder, remove it for now. Just concentrate on 'update.rpf' & one add-on vehicle. Nothing else in your 'mods' folder etc (you can always rename your current 'mods' folder & create a new one in it's place for testing this etc)

    Also, link to the add-on car mod you're trying to install & if it has an '.oiv' installer let me know whether or not you installed manually or using the '.oiv' (I presume not, given you mention editing 'dlclist.xml', but just so I'm sure etc) & upload your 'dlclist.xml' somewhere like https://www.mediafire.com/ or https://pastebin.com & link it here.

    File/Folder Hierarchy: (just double-check it (if not done so already). Even the spelling if you created the folders manually)

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\ addon_car_mod_folder_name_here \dlc.rpf

  • I checked,you can see my DLCLIST.XML here https://pastebin.com/RmrNPZ74
    And thx for trying to help me out

  • Yes

  • I installed EUP Law and Order with .oiv and it s working,like wtf
    The EUP DLC work just fine but the car DLC not... something it s odd,maybe i don t have some neccesary plugins installed like i saw on youtube something like vehicle limiter or something like that,you can also contact me in private on discord to speak because there i m more than on this site NBAndrew8#7185

  • @andreyooe

    You don't need any plugins or special mods to spawn a car addon. Your dlclist.xml is fine and confirms pretty much that you have OpenIV installed and the fact that your trainer works means you also have scripthook5 and dinput8.dll. The only difficult thing you will encounter in modding is keeping your game from crashing. Installing a vehicle might be tricky the first time, but after that it will become second nature.

    As @a63nt-5m1th wrote, you also need to have OpenIV.asi in your root folder along side GTA5.exe. The file dinput8.dll will load OpenIV.asi which will load your cars.

    You should definitely try to spawn another car as this could be just bad luck. More importantly, did you install the car properly.

    Once more as per @a63nt-5m1th, your installation folder should look like this:


    Very important: the folder you install is the one containing dlc.rpf, not the one called FiveM or the one called SinglePlayer. It's the one called polcoq4 which is inside the folder called SinglePlayer. NOT the FiveM one. And of course, where you place the folder is absolutely critical: mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\polcoq4\dlc.rpf

    Also, try as suggested above, to spawn the car manually from your trainer by typing in pocoq4. In this case, and in most cases, the spawn name is the same as the folder name.

    Here are 2 articles that might also help:

    How to Install Vehicle Addon

    Car Addon Mod Doesn't Spawn

    and a video:

  • @andreyooe
    I installed the 'polcoq4' & it spawns fine. So, that car's dlc looks good from here, but as @JohnFromGWN says, maybe try a few different vehicles etc. Do them one at a time & keep things as diagnostically clean as possible.

    Install a modded 'gameconfig.xml' if you haven't already & even if you have, try a few different ones :thumbsup:

    Maybe try installing a few random add-on mods, like a map mod or something & try installing an add-on vehicle that's packaged in an '.oiv' installer. See what works & what doesn't. Is it just add-on vehicles that are broken or other things too etc.

    Also, run a Check Disk on your GTA V install drive just to rule that out.

  • I tried to install others add-on vehicles and just the same,things like maps or others mods do work but the cars just don t seems to spawn..

  • @andreyooe
    If your maps are loading, then you are properly setup for modding. You don't need any special plugins for cars or any other mods. A gameconfig.xml is for stability but it won't keep your cars from spawning.
    Two possibilities.

    1. You haven't installed properly (likely).
    2. You're not spawning properly with your trainer (unlikely)

    Please post a screenshot of you car addon like the one below. Or use the one below to compare with your own. Carefully look at the path, at the very top, and all the folders and files related to this addon...the folder and file structure must be the same for you.

    alt text

  • @andreyooe said in Add on not showing up in game:

    things like maps or others mods do work

    What does maps mean? Menyoo xml? What does other mods work mean? Scripts? Asi mods? These are very different from addon vehicles. The question I'm asking is are you able to load any mods that are called dlc.rpf?

    You absolutely need to have a properly installed OpenIV.asi in your game folder, not just OpenIV the editor.

  • @andreyooe

    You might also want to post your log files on pastebin because something is definitely wrong here.


    In summary:

    Application files/libraries needed to mod GTA5: scripthookv.dll and dinput8.dll, both in game folder.
    To physically install addons: windows explorer or OpenIV editor. In dlcpacks folder.
    To create entry in dlclist.xml: OpenIV editor. Note, dlclist.xml in mods folder, not the game folder.
    To load addons: OpenIV.asi, installed in game folder
    To spawn addon vehicle: Trainer or C# script or mod that spawns cars.

    Not mandatory to simply spawn a vehicle:
    Gameconfig.xml, heap limit adjuster, packfile limit adjuster, trainer, scripthookv dot net, any files in scripts folder, any other files in game root folder or elsewhere. Even Trainer is optional to spawn car. In other words most mods aren't necessary to spawn an addon.

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