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How to import my online character to menyoo trainer without losing face appearance?

  • Hello, I know there have been similar topics before. However, my problem and question is whether in Menyoo it is possible to bypass the problem with changing the face when loading a saved character.

    Maybe there is another way to save a character with the same appearance?

    I want it to be Menyoo because I need its saved xml file to upload to another server. And only Menyoo is supported there.

    If you know of any other ways to extract the settings in XML and then easily paste them into an XML file in Menyoo, please let me know.

  • @Quer0 It's not possible to do it with Menyoo. Online character's face preset is most likely stored in externally or through other ways which Menyoo can't read.

    There is a mod called Skin Ripper, not sure is it working in Actor Mode, but don't get your hopes up too much. The data it will extract won't be much of a help for you as it is unclear where to put which data :(

  • Damn.. Then I guess the only best way is to try to recreate the character in menyoo

  • @Quer0 True unfortunately :( I had seen a script in lspdfr website that is same as online's character creation but it requires rage plugin hook to work :sob:

    If you wish though, you can backup and delete dinput8.dll file and go online. Then use Customize Appearence from interaction menu under Styles and take screenshot of every section. Then you can use those to recreate it with that script if it's still available.

    Perhaps Menyoo can recognize the selections that way but it's a low possibility since that mod was built on rage plugin hook :(

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