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How to add / replace ped props of NPC's?

  • Hi!
    I would like to know if it's possible and how to add or replace ped props (like helmets, gas masks, etc.) to existing NPC peds. I would like to add a gas mask to my current (modded) NPC SWAT ped model, but I'm struggling.
    Currently this ped model has helmets as ped props, and there's one specific helmet I'm not going to use anyway. So I thought I could just export from OpenIV to OpenFormats, overwrite the helmet by the gas mask files, and import it again.
    It did work, and shows correctly in OpenIV (incl. textures). But when selecting the prop in the game it is glitching, like it switches the prop on/off every milisecond (like in flickering), and it shakes the prop.
    I haven't touched the main model file of the character itself (the YFT), only the YDD file and replaced a helmet for a gas mask mod.
    Can anyone provide me of information on how to replace or maybe add extra ped props to existing NPC's (so no multiplayer freemode models)? Or did I do something wrong with replacing? I thought maybe I had to modifiy something in the YMT file, but I don't think that's the case.
    Just not sure why a helmet will fit, and a gas mask will glitch very hard.

  • @BillBux

    What you did is okay but it's hit or miss. All peds are different and unless the skeleton and rigging are identical you will have glitches whether in position, animations, or props including headware, weapons, etc.

    Unfortunately using 3d modeling software is necessary when needed.

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