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Addon car texture flickering when dirty

  • Car spawns fine but when dirtlevels on car increases there is a flickering texture floating in with the colour of the car.
    It looks weird and only disappears when car is clean. I have set dirtlevels in vehicle.meta to 0.0.
    But car gets dirty anyway......?Pls help. Thx.

  • @bmw740il
    Yeah, the dirt levels in 'vehicles.meta' don't appear to do anything.

    Just the one single car affected? Link to it's download if you can :thumbsup:

  • @bmw740il
    Quick job, but try these files. I fixed the dirt mapping on the bodywork, the dirt should now work as normal & with no flickering. I set the window glass dirt blank (as in no dirt shows up) because the windows have a wide surround on them & it didn't look very good with only dirt on part of what looks like the whole glass screen etc.
    The bodywork dirt uses the 'vehicle_genericmud_car' texture within 'ddkcx75.ytd'. I just grabbed a quick free online dirt texture for it & edited it slightly. You can replace it with any dirt texture you want or edit it (the darker you make the texture, the less the dirt will show up & pure black should probably make the dirt invisible if you prefer that).



    Backup your copy of your ddkcx75 '.dlc.rpf' & overwrite the files etc.

  • Thx. a lot. mate. WOW. Looks good. The car is so cool. Now its even better. Thanks a bunch.

  • I just found out now the backfire exhaust is missing from that car after the dirt texture fix. The backfire exhaust is from "s54b32" sound and it has backfire exhaust on other cars that have that sound but not this one now?

  • @bmw740il
    I downloaded & tested the original from the link you provided & it's exhaust pops don't appear to work either. The ddkcx75 is not very well made tbh. It looks unfinished, there's a lot of thiings that are half completed/not very well done.

    I installed this "s54b32" sound & it works on all other vehicles I tested, but not the original/untouched ddkcx75 download, so to me it looks like the model itself isn't set up for exhaust pops.

    If you're 100% sure the default ddkcx75 download has exhaust pops working with the "s54b32" sound in your game (test it to be sure), link to the "s54b32" sound (if different from above) & I'll take a look & see if I can apply my dirt edits without losing the pops, if that's what's happening.

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