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Online Interiors

  • Hi, I downloaded online interiors mod, but when I want to enter the interior I always fall down the floor. Can you help me?

  • @sami777 Enable MP Maps

  • @M8T
    And how I can do it? :)

  • @M8T
    Thanks, I downloaded mod that enable mp interiors and now it works. :)

  • @sami777
    Don't have open or online interiors installed and don't know specifically what map or building interiors you want to load, but you don't always need a mod to do this. You should be able to enable MP maps through some trainers, for example Simple Trainer. The more script mods you add, the more likely you will have conflicts in the future. Of course if the trainer method doesn't work, then sure install one additional mod.

    So for anyone following this thread who wants to keep their game simple and stable use a trainer when possible. Also, here is a second solution, for the brave: a simple line of C# code.


    void ON_ENTER_MP() // 0x0888C3502DBBEEF5 0xC65586A9 b323
    This loads the GTA:O dlc map parts (high end garages, apartments).
    Works in singleplayer.
    In order to use GTA:O heist IPL's you have to call this native with the following params: SET_INSTANCE_PRIORITY_MODE(1);
    Old name: _LOAD_MP_DLC_MAPS

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