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Backfire flames when reving.

  • I followed tutorials and this forum but the guide is a little unclear. I had another soundfile with exhaust flames. Took the line exhaustpops and exhaustpopsupgraded from the working file and added the same values to the sound file that didnt have backfire flames. Not working here is the file....Plss help...Thx.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Version value="9028036" />
    <Item type="Vehicle" ntOffset="1352">
    <Unk00 value="0x91004A20" />
    <Unk09 value="0.5" />
    <Unk12 value="0.4" />
    <Unk13 value="1" />
    <Unk15 value="0" />
    <Unk16 value="0" />
    <Unk17 value="0" />
    <Unk21 value="31" />
    <Unk22 value="36" />
    <RadioFlags value="0x01010000" />
    <Unk27 value="0" />
    <Unk28 value="3" />
    <Unk37 value="6" />
    <Unk38 value="3" />
    <Unk39 />
    <Unk40 value="0" />
    <Sirens />
    <Unk42 value="0" />
    <Unk43 value="0" />
    <Unk44 value="0" />
    <ForkSounds />
    <TurretSounds />
    <Unk49 value="8" />
    <ScoopSounds />
    <TowArmSounds />
    <Unk52 value="0" />
    <ElectricEngine />
    <Unk54 value="0" />
    <EngineHealth value="3" />
    <Unk59 value="1" />
    <Unk60 value="0" />
    <Unk61 value="1" />
    <Unk62 value="0" />
    <Unk64 value="0" />
    <Unk65 value="0" />
    <Unk66 value="0" />
    <ConvertibleRoof />
    <InteriorTones />
    <Unk70 value="0" />
    <Item type="VehicleEngine" ntOffset="1359">
    <MasterVolume value="600" />
    <EngineLowVolume value="-800" />
    <EngineHighVolume value="400" />
    <EngineNPCVolume value="400" />
    <Unk09 value="-600" />
    <Unk10 value="1600" />
    <Unk13 value="-200" />
    <Unk14 value="1200" />
    <AirIntake />
    <Unk16 value="0" />
    <Unk17 value="0" />
    <Unk19 value="-600" />
    <Unk20 value="600" />
    <Unk22 value="100" />
    <Unk23 value="50" />
    <Unk25 value="0" />
    <Unk26 value="2400" />
    <Unk27 value="400" />
    <Unk33 value="0" />
    <GearStickVolume value="-1000" />
    <EngineSubmix />
    <EngineSubmixPreset />
    <ExhaustSubmix />
    <ExhaustSubmixPreset />
    <Unk42 value="1000" />
    <Unk45 value="0" />
    <Unk46 value="0" />
    <Unk47 value="0" />
    <Unk48 value="0" />
    <Unk49 value="0" />
    <Unk50 value="0" />
    <Unk52 value="32000" />
    <Item type="VehicleEngineGranular" ntOffset="1373">
    <Unk00 value="0xAAAAA955" />
    <MasterVolume value="400" />
    <Unk04 value="0" />
    <Unk05 value="0" />
    <Unk06 value="0" />
    <Unk07 value="0" />
    <Unk08 value="0" />
    <Unk09 value="0" />
    <Unk10 value="0" />
    <Unk11 value="0" />
    <Unk12 value="0" />
    <EngineVolume value="700" />
    <ExhaustVolume value="500" />
    <EngineIdleVolume value="400" />
    <ExhaustIdleVolume value="400" />
    <Unk17 value="450" />
    <Unk18 value="600" />
    <EngineAccelVolume value="410" />
    <ExhaustAccelVolume value="550" />
    <Unk21 value="15" />
    <Unk22 value="0.2" />
    <Unk23 value="0.26" />
    <Unk24 value="0.2" />
    <Unk25 value="0.1" />
    <Unk26 value="0.2" />
    <Unk27 value="0" />
    <Unk28 value="0.2" />
    <Unk29 value="-600" />
    <Unk30 value="-600" />
    <Unk38 value="0" />
    <Unk39 value="0" />
    <Unk42 value="600" />
    <Unk43 value="4" />
    <Unk44 value="2" />
    <Unk46 value="0" />
    <Unk47 value="0" />
    <Unk48 value="0" />
    <Unk49 value="0" />
    <Unk50 value="0" />
    <Unk51 value="0" />
    <Unk54 value="800" />
    <Unk55 value="800" />
    <Unk56 value="500" />
    <Unk57 value="500" />
    <Unk58 value="1" />
    <Unk59 value="0.2" />

  • @bmw740il said in Backfire flames when reving.:




    I don't think hash_58B4638B creates an exhaust pops sound or any sound for that matter. Not unless it's been modded into a '_sounds.dat54.rel' file & the actual exhaust pops audio files & .awc created for it (I know some exhaust pop audio files exist within the 'musv8.awc', but they are unused).
    There's none of that in the vanilla files or the musv8 dlc, so unless you have it all installed somewhere in another add-on engine audio dlc, you would have to create it all yourself to get hash_58B4638B working.

    That, or use the pops hash from a '.rel' file that links to exhaust pop audio files that actually exist. Try a vanilla exhaust pop hash in it's place & it should start working (just not on your ddkcx75/Jaguar C-X75, pretty sure that's broken, test it on another vehicle etc)

    Try One/Some of These Vanilla Hashes Instead of 'hash_58B4638B':


    If any of them^ work, you have your answer :thumbsup:

    ie hash_58B4638B is likely something left over from mod development/unfinished, doesn't have audio files associated with it & ideally should have been replaced with 'null_sound'. That, or maybe the musv8 mod author has additional engine sound add-ons on Patreon & such & you get exhaust pops if you pay for his/her base engine sounds pack or another add-on that has the hash_58B4638B '.rel' data/audio files in it etc.

  • That works thx. Another question: what is the difference between exhaustpops and limiterpops?

  • @bmw740il
    Not 100% sure (ie never tested & confirmed), but probably a pop that happens if/when the vehicle hits it's rev limiter or something.

  • The musv8 is from aquaphobics sound pack. I have a sound pack from asedrus there is backfire when the car is upgraded with exhaust upgrade. And backfire when releasing gas at high speed when upgraded the car spits a flame, very cool. But the car sound cannot spit flames when Not upgraded. Tried more than 10 combos, nothing worked. Only as stated, but no flames un-upgraded. Well maybe thats how RG wrote the effect in a sound file, very stupid, should be controlled via a flag in vehicles.meta. ExhaustPops and LimiterPops makes no sense. Tried to remove one of them and no effect. Other than off course if you remove all the values in the 4 fields about exhaustpops and limiterpops, then no effects at all...

  • @bmw740il
    What version of Asedrus's Custom Engine Sounds Pack are you using & what engine sound in it has the un-upgraded no pops issue?

  • link text

    In that pack its the apollosv8 sound.

    This single file from KCMIRO: link text. THX. Again

  • @bmw740il


    I tested the 'apollosv8' engine sound on a random vehicle (baba0rum's 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT 351) & getting the exhaust pops to appear un-upgraded was as simple as setting:


    ie copying the 'hash_0C2B85F2' from the original apollosv8 '<ExhaustPopsUpgraded>' line with no other edits to the 'apollosv8_game.dat151.rel.xml' file required.


    Same for KCMIR0's 'kc68chevy350l48' engine sound (also using the 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT 351). Putting it's 'hash_14B5DADD' from it's original '<ExhaustPopsUpgraded>' line in the '<ExhaustPops>' got the exhaust pops working un-upgraded.



    • Do you have the '<ExhaustPops>' or '<ExhaustPopsUpgraded>' lines edited to a different hash? Let me know what hash if so. Also, if you got that hash from an add-on engine sound, let me know which one/link to it etc.

    • What exact vehicle/s are you testing the sound on & having the un-upgraded exhaust pops issue with? Link to it/them also etc.

    Meanwhile, I'll test a few other vehicles & make sure I get the same results as with the Ford Falcon XB GT :thumbsup:.

    Tested both the edited 'apollosv8' & 'kc68chevy350l48' engine sounds on the a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO & same results. ie Edited as above, they both work & give the 250 GTO exhaust pops un-upgraded.

  • I have tested all my cars with that apollosv8 sound.

    • BMW M4 Raijin - only flame with exhaust upgrade
    • Audi 90 Q IMSA - Upgraded or not - not working
    • Dodge Charger FF8 - Upgraded or not - not working
    • Dodge Charger Hellcat Forgiato - Not working and no flame when gas released at high speed.
    • Imponte Firecast Phoenix - not working. Flame when gas is released at high speed.
    • Jaguar XKR-S GT - Only flame with exhaust upgraded via extras. Flame when gas is released at high speed.
    • MB 190e 2.5-16 Evo II - Not working. Flame when gas is released at high speed.
    • Nissan GTR R35 LBW Silhouette - Not working. Flame when gas is released at high speed.
    • Plymouth Barracuda Hemi-S - Not working. Flame when gas is released at high speed.
    • Quadra Turbo-R V-Tech 2k77 - Not Working - Flame when gas is released at high speed.
    • Range Rover Mansory - Only flame with exhaust upgrade. Flame when gas is released.
    • Chevy Corvette GS F5 - Not working. Flame when gas is released at high speed.
    • MB E55 AMG - Not working - Flame when gas is released at high speed.

    Its funny how characteristics is different for the the cars and the outcome. Only vehicles with exhaust upgrade on them can get that backfire. I followed your instructions to the letter and checked apollosv8 sound file 3 times compared to the original to check I didnt oversee anything. Only 1 vehicle didnt have flame when gas is released at high speed? thats weird. I will keep checking.

    The difficulty is some of the cars I did a long time ago buy on a patreon and the others are in 2 dlc packs I made. Downloaded from GTAinside, gta 5 mods. Maybe more sites. Around 49 cars are in their own dlc folder.

  • BTW. That musv8 sound is perfect works on every vehicle around 15. Flame before and after upgrade. But trying to do the same with the apollosv8 sound is MUCH more difficult at some point.....

  • I just installed the ferrari 250 gto and added the apollosv8 sound to it run game, not working!!!!!Only a flame when gas is released. The revving flame not working? standard and upgraded not working. Weird. The only cars this sound work on is for those with exhaust upgrades. I dont understand it. Its very strange. I will keep checking.

  • @bmw740il
    You know what, I think the LimiterPops are the revving/accelaration exhaust pops, but they also need to be flagged correctly in the 'VehicleEngineGranular' section of the engine sound to work.

    I've only tested one vehicle, so results may vary, but try this 'kc68chevy350l48_game.dat151.rel' in place of the one you have & confirm for me whether the revving/accelerating exhaust pops now work for a vehicle that they didn't previously (or hopefully, now for all vehicles that use that engine sound :fingers_crossed:).

    IF IT WORKS - How to Apply the Same Edit to Other Engine Sounds:
    Aside from filling the Exhaust/Limiter pops values you want (I have all 4 filled), all that should be required after that is to edit the '<Flags value=' in the 'VehicleEngineGranular' section to this:

       <Flags value="0xAAAAA955" />

    I already had '<Flags value="0xAAAAA955" />' set when I tested the 1962 Ferrari GTO earlier as I already had the 'apollosv8' & 'kc68chevy350l48' engine sounds installed in my game & just used them, but either I edited them previously or they were maybe a slightly different release version or something. So basically, the files I was using for testing weren't identical to the originals, so I reckon that's why the GTO didn't work for you, while it worked for me etc :thumbsup:

  • WHAT!!! CRAZY. It works perfectly. It was the <Flags value="0xAAAAA955" />. I checked all other sounds with reving pops and limiterpops they all had that flag under vehiclegranular. I will check the apollo sound, but it should work now. I will be back. THX. a bunch.

  • And the flag ending on 905 is when you need to upgrade exhaust to get effect. Cool finding. Very Nice. When you check the files now that value is shining through when you now its there. Other values and hashes change a lot but this value was the same in all the other files.

  • @bmw740il
    I thought it would work for all vehicles :slight_smile: :thumbsup: (noticed all the vanilla vehicles with that 0xAAAAA955 flag had something set in the <LimiterPops> line by default). Glad it worked in your game too :thumbsup:

  • Tried all my sounds. All perfect. Thx.

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