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How to make NPC's classify your car as a super/sports car where they complement it.

  • I'm just curious about how this works because simply changing the vehicle class in the 'vehicles.meta' file only causes the vehicle to appear in the class you've selected in the trainer menu.

  • @Keneseu
    Not sure what else might also be required, but the:


    flag in the vehicle's <flags> line in 'vehicles.meta' is likely part of it:



    Try it out, it might be all you need to do etc :thumbsup:.

    If not, maybe try adding 'FLAG_SPORTS' also, or use/copy the flags from a vehicle you know gets a lot of ped comments etc.

  • @Keneseu Addition to @a63nt-5m1th , increasing swankness value in vehicles.meta can make the NPCs treat the car more expensive.

    The range is from SWANKNESS_1 (poor) to SWANKNESS_5 (expensive). If you combine SWANKNESS_5 with the flag they will compliment on the car quite a lot.

    However I haven't tested and don't know are there spesific voice lines for each swankness value like using a voice line for sport cars for value 3-4 and another voice line for value 5 as super car.

  • Sorry for the super late response, I'll try that out and see what happens. Thanks for this!

  • Yep, tried it and it worked. Thank you so much to both of you.

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