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dlcpack and replacing game base ymaps

  • I try to replace some ymaps that are in random rpfs across the game files through an addon dlcpack. It does seem to replace some, only those without <parent></parent> (<parent />), but those with <parent> it won't. Maybe there's some specific configuration for setup and content.xml or something? not sure if you understood what I try to do but w.e, if anyone stalked upon this. Thanks

  • @Vampnos

    Your question isn't clear. Are you talking about game entities or mod entities?
    What is a random rpf? Can you give specific examples?
    A dlcpack is an addon not a replacement. If you're trying to consolidate multiple ymaps into one addon, then look at the structure of mods with multiple ymaps. Examine and reproduce their content.xml. Should not impact setup2.xml.

    Personally I think consolidation has more cons than pros. Increased file size can lead to data corruption issues and overall can make troubleshooting more challenging.

  • In short, is this possible to make a dlc.rpf that can replace some ymaps in the x64 files, so for example I got dt1_12_strm_0.ymap, I upload it to into my custom dlc.rpf under the same name just with much less props, the point is to replace the custom with the one in the x64 rpfs.

  • @Vampnos I would think so. Why not? As I suggested before, examine the structure of mods that have multiple ymaps. Try reproducing the same file and folder structure particularly that of content.xml.

    Where I'm confused is will there be conflicts with your addon and the x.rpf and/or will you break the x,rpf by removing its ymaps. Also, game assets may have dependencies that aren't obvious.

    Overall what you're describing seems to be the same process as creating a ymap mod, so very likely feasible.

  • Well here's the thing, it seems to work as long as the ymap has no <parent>, those with <parent> doesn't work.
    the dlc.rpf likely can't see it, only if I use custom name to the ymap file and remove the parent it works, but then it's not "replacing it"

  • @Vampnos then you'll need to experiment or hopefully an MLO or map creator can help you. Unfortunately standards are rarely followed. You'll see this when you start inspecting or editing mods. The content and setup2 files seem to reasonably follow standards however this is sadly untrue for file and folder structures.

    My knowledge of editing addons for maps has been limited to FiveM to SP conversions but if you're saying that those with parent tags don't work, it seems to be pointing to missing dependencies, I.e. your parent entity is missing.

  • Is there a way to replace vanilla ymap with one with exact same name but through a dlc.rpf?
    for example ss1_07_strm_1, I copy this, change some stuff, and add it into a custom dlc.rpf and from there it will replace this with the vanilla one.
    so far whatever I tried seem to paste it ontop, it's got to be some configuration in the setup or content.

  • @Vampnos said in dlcpack and replacing game base ymaps:

    Is there a way to replace vanilla ymap with one with exact same name but through a dlc.rpf?

    Yeah, that's totally possible :thumbsup:. This 'replace_ymap' add-on should allow you to replace any vanilla '.ymap' whether it has a '<parent>' or not. It should also overrride any '.ymap'/s of the same name anywhere else in the game (inc. other add-ons).
    I deliberately kept the 'content.xml' & 'setup2.xml' as simple as possible while still achieving the goal. You should be able to compare them to yours & see why yours wasn't working, if you want to know etc :thumbsup:.


    • Add to 'dlclist.xml':
    • Add your edited vanilla '.ymaps' into the 'replace_maps.rpf' here:

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\replace_ymaps\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\replace_maps.rpf

    Test it out, let me know how you get on & if you have any issues, I'll investigate further etc (but it should work no problem :slight_smile::thumbsup:)

    Streaming/Entities Extents:

    Not always necessary, but if you're moving props about or adding new ones it's usually best to re-calculate the Streaming/Entities Extents or you might get some props that don't appear or pop-in etc. You can do it manually ('<streamingExtentsMin/Max' & '<entitiesExtentsMin/Max' values in '.ymap' etc), but it can also be done automatically in CodeWalker's Project window, which in 99.99% of cases is quicker, easier & preferable:

    Automatically Calculate YMAP Streaming/Entities Extents in CodeWalker:

    • Place your edited '.ymap' in a windows folder/on Desktop etc (Note: '.ymap', not '.ymap.xml')
    • Start CodeWalker
    • '[<<]' button (top right)
    • [Tools...] button
    • 'Project window...'

    In Project Window:

    • 'File' tab
    • 'Open Files...'
    • Select your edited '.ymap'
    • In left pane of the Project window, click on your '.ymap' name
    • Hit the '[Calculate extents]' button (right pane, bottom right-ish)
    • Save the '.ymap' (File > Save 'ymap name here')
    • Install '.ymap' to 'replace_maps.rpf' etc using drag & drop

  • Thanks!!

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