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No traffic after installing few mods

  • Hi, i got problem after installing few cars mods. I have no traffic (i try to put gameconfig with 3x cars but it didnt help) after i added KornPack and another addon cars pack (about 220 cars) i got traffic, but 70% of traffic is taxis and only cars from addon.

    It is any mod that fix this problem?

  • @skejcikk1

    Your title provides the cause and directly you have your solution.

    You installed some car pack or the wrong gameconfig.xml and you're not going to find a mod that fixes what other mods broke.

    Assuming you don't have a script mod that interferes with traffic and assuming you didn't disable or reduce the traffic with a trainer, you will definitely have traffic in Los Santos.

    Cause and effect. Restore your gameconfig.xml mod to base traffic and disable your carpack and see if it fixes the basic functionality of GTA5. Remove any suspect scripts and verify the traffic settings in your trainer.

  • When i delete all carpack mods (from mods folder) and put originall gameconfig still got no traffic (just few bikes and truck). When i add one car mod and try the game nothing changed. When i put carpack mod i got traffic, but only with add-on cars.

  • @skejcikk1 Have you tried disabling all your mods. Look for a file called dinput8.dll in your game folder and temporarily rename it dinput8.bak. This will disable all your mods for testing purposes. Next, start your game in vanilla mode, no mods, and see if it restores your traffic.

    If your traffic is absent or significantly decreased in vanilla mode (no mods at all) do a verify integrity to rule out any corrupt or overwritten game files.

    If your traffic is working/spawning normally in vanilla mode then you obviously have a script or your trainer or unlikely your gameconfig.xml are screwing up your traffic.

    This is an excellent gameconfig.xml if your game is updated, don't know if you're using it, but start with the base traffic.

    If you're using a reverted game, this one is the one I use myself for version 2372.

  • @skejcikk1 said in No traffic after installing few mods:


    The addon cars you see in traffic most surely belong to a mod that edited your popgroups.ymt. Or have you done it yourself at some point?

    Revert your popgroups.ymt to vanilla and you should have normal traffic.

  • @skejcikk1 Probably like @Sata mentioned, they are either changing popgroups.ymt / popcycle.dat or have vehicles.meta with wrong configurations.

    At one point I was tried to force the game to load max 2 same car forced with different color but ended up having no car at all.

    Haven't seen anyone do it properly, pop variety in settings.xml doesn't guarantee either. It's probably a hardcoded thingy.

    The next possibility might be an outdated gameconfig with wrong configurations. Since it is a car pack, people love to include gameconfigs in them, some uses premade ones, some uses good configured custom mades, and some uses half assed custom configs. Take a guess ..

  • @MissySnowie said in No traffic after installing few mods:

    @skejcikk1 Probably like @Sata mentioned, they are either changing popgroups.ymt / popcycle.dat or have vehicles.meta with wrong configurations.

    We can't draw firm conclusions because we don't have any additional information.
    All we know is problem is related to addon vehicles which definitely do not modify meta files or impact game traffic.

    So hopefully OP will come back with possible culprits.

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