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How do I fix VisualV no blur?

  • Im using VisualV and when I switch characters, the zoom out view looks ugly and theres no blur and color like the vanilla game!alt text Is there a way to change this in some files to be like the vanilla game with blur and color?
    This goes for the weapon wheel background where there is no blur in the VisualV mod.

  • @genV555
    There might be a timecycle modifier for the switch character one (less confident of the weapon wheel having a timecycle modifier, but you never know, maybe that too).

    Timecycle modifiers are stored in:


    Test revert those files to vanilla versions & see if it fixes any of the issues & then if so, hunt through them to find the name of the tc modifier that's causing a particular issue & overwrite just that specific tc modifier with it's vanilla equivalent.

    Also, test revert 'playerswitch.meta' as although it appears to just edit pan speeds & such, it might have something to do with it.

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