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How to create .GXT2 files for add-on vehicle mods that don't have a language folder?

  • So I recently worked out that the global.gxt2 file in dlc.rpf/x64/data/lang/americandlc.rpf is what corresponds to the white text that appears in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen when you enter a vehicle, telling you its make and model and so on, and through this, I was able to change the makes and models of three add-on cars that I'd downloaded to display to my liking. Now I want to do this for my other add-on cars, and here is where the problems begin, because most of them haven't come with a language folder in dlc.rpf/x64/data and therefore don't have a global.gxt2 file. Now, I have already done some research prior to trying this forum and have tried creating my own custom .gxt2 file in notepad along with generating hashes for the make and model names that I want to display, but nothing I have tried so far has had any effect, and I wanted to ask if anyone here could help and advise me on this? Thanks very much 👍

  • @RedLion3468 Good to create .GXT2 files I don't know, but in my Add-On cars I use original .GXT2 files from the game itself and just erase the names that are written in them and add the names of my cars, here's a folder with the dlc. rpf already with the .GXT2 file included, you just need to edit it and put the names of your cars. If you are still in doubt, I advise you to see this tutorial on how to make a complete add-on for gta 5

    dlc.rpf file with .GXT2 file included: https://mega.nz/file/OtIRUCzK#j_JOsjbEFSfs90Yaml0Cem7bbdihgG7qeTML5GLXtow

    Tutorial: https://www.imnotmental.com/guide/add-on-vehicles-tutorial/

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