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why can't openiv be downloaded anymore?

  • their official website is down and the installer can't install the software


    The OpenIV team, to the best of my knowledge, has not communicated (on Twitter) since April 1st 2023. It's unclear why, but could be linked to the war in Russia/Ukraine. Although Alexander Blade apparently has worked with the OpenIV team their respective files are most likely hosted on different severs. This is confirmed by doing a whois check. So SH5 is now available while the Open IV site is not.

    The file that @ItsJustCurtis linked to is apparently safe but it is the offline installer version 4.0. The file normally installed is online (communicates with a server) and is version 4.1.

    Does it make a difference, 4.0 vs 4.1? Probably not for most users. When the code 16 error appeared, I did a second installation of GTA5, legal Steam Version, on a different computer. The installations were absolutely identical except my current one uses Open IV 4.1 while I had no choice but to do an offline installation for the second copy using Open IV 4.0.

    Results? My path structure for my DLC, which is a custom path, using the Open IV offline no longer worked. None of my addons would load. None of my personal command line launchers would work either because the paths were no longer supported. I had to revert to the normal dclpacks to get all maps and vehicles and peds etc to load. Needless to say, i aborted this installation.

    This of course will not affect any users who use the normal dlcpacks folder but it does indicate the 2 versions are not identical - which isn't a surprise. Unfortunately the change log isn't available.

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