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Special ability bar not work

  • Hello.
    In my mod, I change charcter model to police man and try to increase his special ability bar over time.
    But I noticed if charcter is not one of main charcters, special ability bar is disabled and greyed out.

    // Native functions I tried

    • Function.Call(Hash.SET_ABILITY_BAR_VALUE, 50.0f, 100.0f);
    • Function.Call(Hash.ENABLE_SPECIAL_ABILITY, Game.Player, true);
    • Function.Call(Hash.SPECIAL_ABILITY_UNLOCK, Game.Player.Character.Model.Hash);
    • Function.Call(Hash.FLASH_ABILITY_BAR, 3000); // this works some how, but not what I want

    Does anyone know how it works when player is not main charcter?
    Thank you in advance.

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