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Unused melee weapon anims

  • Don't know where to put this, but just wanted to show off some unused melee animations I found for the small melee weapons (i.e. Flashlight, Crowbar, .etc)
    I've managed to "restore" them via the "results.meta" file but it's not a perfect restoration. As seen with the last NPC, I didn't hit the NPC at all. With the other issue being that the anim takes awhile to end, meaning the player can't move until the anim is over. If I could find a solution for these, I'll def upload this to the site.

    I've also found a bunch of unused executions for the large melee weapons (i.e. Baseball Bat and Golf Club)
    I'll post those too.

  • @-EcLiPsE- Jedi Josh actually made an executions mod based on the unused executios, but it probably needs an update. Might be worth taking a look at his mod.

  • It NEEDS an update, the NPCs just ragdoll before I shoot them, I love that mod but that issue needs to be fixed.

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