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What Is The Best Version Of GTA V For Modding?

  • Hey everyone, Im currently on 2845 and im wondering if any of you are on previous versions as of right now?

  • @AlexUA6

    Ask 10 people and you'll get 10 different answers. It depends on what mods you're installing.

    However, you are usually best off with a version before the Contract Update (December 15, 2021) as it broke map and MLO collisions.

    If you downgrade, you will need this mod:

    and if you want perfect compatibility you will need the files associated with your version, some of which are backwards compatible.

    For example I use older versions of SH5, gameconfig.xml, and definitely the right (reverted) Update.rpf (possibly also Update2.rpf).

    Heap, Pack, LemonUI, SHVDN can be updated (so can SH5) although there isn't any reason to. Dinput8.dll hasn't changed since 2015, OpenIV doesn't need to be updated either.

    Finally, contrary to what you might read elsewhere, only GTA5.exe is needed for the vanilla files. All your game files can be 100% updated and you can still play reverted as long as GTA5.exe is downgraded. No need to install old RGL or RGSC, in fact these will cause errors if you downgrade them, or they will simply update themselves with or without your consent.

  • Thank you @JohnFromGWN for the very detailed steps, ill definitely give it a shot! I also just sent you a DM on here, id love to hear back from ya.

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