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Whats your Mod Loadout STABLE??

  • as im sure we all have spent a lot of time in testing certiain things that either crash the game or cut the FPS right down
    so ive limited myself to mods that have minor performance hitches. I run at a solid 50 at 50hz, due to having so many mods you have to compromise with some frame but not below 50 is my rule lol

    Cosmetic (Mods Folder)

    Quant V, (No ENB Version)
    Roads Of Europe (Fresh tarmac roads)
    Designer House
    UK Police & Emergency Vehicles
    UK Stagecoach Bus & Hackney Taxi
    UK Road Signs & Props, Roadworks etc..
    Real Californian Architecture (RCA)
    Forests of San Andreas
    CNN instead of Weazel News
    Real Petrol Stations (BP, Shell ect..)
    Map Fixes
    Various Real Brand Litter & Food
    Frankin Real Branded Clothing
    V - Remastered
    Over 50+ Spawnable Real Brand Cars

    Script Mods

    Rampage Trainer (Menu)
    LS Life
    The Gang
    Rob Pacific Standard Bank
    Rob Fleeca Bank
    Rob Vangelico
    The Homies
    Simeon Repo
    Roleplay Menu
    Replace Player Vehicle
    Addon Spawner
    Last Location on startup
    Lottery Games (Shops)
    Petrol Stations & Fuel
    Better Chases + (Custom config)
    Working Burgershot
    Working Taco trucks
    Persistent vehicles
    Crazy Taxi Game
    Dialogue System
    GPS Colour that match character
    Illegal Street Races ( Burn out at traffic light then race the car next to you)

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