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Every mod crashes the game

  • I just started learning how to mod GTA5, I've watched several tutorial, read multiple articles, done tons of searches for my problem and I just can't figure out why not a single mod will work. tools/required mods like script hook, heap adjuster and a few other asi mods work fine as far as I can tell. My issue comes from anything that actually adds content. Any OIV mod I install with OpenIV will crash the game before the main menu. Any addon mod crashes the game trying to load into SP. I have tried dozens of mods. Some popular mods. I even considered maybe updates break mods like in other games and downloaded a car mod that is 6 days old. Absolutely nothing works. I'm reading through mod descriptions and readmes to make sure I have requirements and it's the same as all the tutorials are showing me. The only Idea I have is because OpenIV's website and server has been down for the few days since I started and I had to find the offline version somewhere. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • @Dormdude

    If you want to ensure your installation is "mod ready" this can help.


    If you're serious about understanding how mods work, this might be helpful.


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