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The business of modding

  • Let me preface this rant by saying that I have absolutely no problem with using leaked mods in my game. I don't believe mods should be locked behind any kind of walls.

    Some time ago, I purchased some payware vehicles. They were original designs, not ripped, so fair enough. It wasn't cheap but I thought the mods were cool so I forked out the cash. They were FiveM exclusive but I told the author I don't play FiveM (never will) and I needed the mods for single player. I was sent links to the unlocked SP compatible mods. Downloaded and installed them, all good.

    Now, I have NEVER leaked them and I have never seen them leaked anywhere. I assume I am quite possibly one of very few, if not the only, who has the unlocked versions. So obviously, any leak could be see me accused.

    Recently, I went back to the author offering to buy a couple more mods that I thought were cool. Told him about my previous purchases, etc. I got an answer "NO. FiveM only." This really rubbed me the wrong way. I generally don't agree with purchasing mods but even when I try to do it "the right way", I hit a wall.

    Look at the FiveM website. It's basically a storefront. People selling unlicensed intellectual property ripped from other games for prices more than a new copy of GTA5. People selling overpriced substandard quality mods. All locked by FiveM's escrow system. And it's getting worse. I'm starting to see it here too. Modders releasing a cut down version of a mod and pointing to Discord or Patreon to purchase the upgraded version.

    On the other hand though, you get modders like BigShaqNOKetchup for example, who's mods far exceed most payware for quality and he releases everything for free. I assume purely for the love of modding and respect of the community. The way it's meant to be. Modding is essential to a game's longevity and keeping it free assures that.

    I've been gaming for a lot longer than some of you have been alive. I've been modding with my limited skills for almost as long and I've watched the joy of modding slowly die as greed takes over.

    Maybe I'm just annoyed because I couldn't buy those mods but I'm not even gonna try anymore. I'll go hunting for leaks and save my money for better things.

    Agree or disagree. Just my opinion.

  • I agree 100 %. Some paid models on patreon are really bad. There is no guarantee for good quality even if you paid for it. Some cars even free missing correct lights, no brake drums or calipers, wrong wheel size crappy dlc, bad dirt textures or textures all around, no hands on wheel, door opening incorrect, car size not 100% tp real size. I used to be a member of the ambitioneers patreon but the mile high club incl. The subway station was faulty for months and they said the golden answer: its in your end the issue is. The mod is quite good but not working 100%. The fix will never come even though 1 of the team said it. I knew he was lying. They said as soon as it it finished it would be released to public. It pi.... me off when they are lying. Just say no not going to be free. The membership on their patreon is 25 euros pr month for a mod in 2 months the price will be the same as gta 5. That mod i not worth 50 euros. When I asked a question 3 days later respons...wow....not really.........have a good day all.

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