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[MISC] - 80's style CRT curved screen scanlines filter + 4:3 screen ratio

  • As the title says please.

    Not sure if possible but would be dope as a single key press toggle option effect!!

  • @gtavjamal your aspect ratio can be changed through windows or your graphics card control panel.

    Check menyoo vision hacks, may have what you want for the CRT look.

  • @JohnFromGWN Thanks unfortunately none of those Menyoo visual settings are what I am looking for.

    I don't know if you remember those old CRT tv's but they had not only the old school curved screen and tiny horizontal scan lines etc plus that 4:3 screen aspect ratio. MAME emulator can replicate this quite well. Also RetroArch.

    Changing the aspect ratio via the control panel is a pain in the ass lol. If I remember correctly messed up my icons for some reason?? Looking for something that can be done in game on the fly so no need to pause the game and kill the vibe.

    For example the only visual mod I use called Darker Nights as the title suggests to make the night sky darker and the lights pop. Activated by a single key press in game. Btw. Highly recommended! Vanilla nights never look dark enough imo.

  • @gtavjamal
    Have you tried changing the aspect ratio to 4:3 in the GTA5 game settings under Graphics?
    As for the CRT look, you shouldn't see wavy lines except for total crap monitors, same as for old TVs.

  • @JohnFromGWN Thanks yeah having to pause the game and go into settings is no good and the 4:3 setting only suits the CRT look.

    Not wavey lines just the CRT fine grid type effect when you look close plus the scan lines.

    Definitely must be a curved screen effect too. None of that late 90's 2000's flat screen CRT bs lol. Needs that authentic old school 80's effect.

    PS. Damn those old tv's were cool! Real hard to find these days in perfect working condition. I only have a few which are saved for special occasion use but always looking to stock up.

  • @gtavjamal Yeah, you need them to properly play old console games as well. You can find them in the neighbour's trash occasionally but you never know how long that CRT will last before it dies. Parents had this incredible 36 high end Sony, weighed close to 300lbs. Ended up in the garbage when they bought a 65 inch flat screen.

    It worked perfectly. Offered it for free but no takers, everyone wanted flat screens. I have a buddy who is looking for the same type of TV now because he has all the vintage consoles from PS1 up. The new TVs don't even have the old inputs.

  • @JohnFromGWN Haha I totally would take one from the trash if it works fine or has good parts. If only they could be repaired easily.

    Absolutely they are ideal for old console games and certain old school movies, tv shows. Vintage console games look terrible on modern screens. No surprise since they were not designed for them.

    Ouch that's painful to hear such a good tv was thrown out! No doubt at the time the thinking was it was redundant / obsolete. If I were alive when CRT's were phased out I would have stocked up fast!! That would have been a dream everyone throwing them out. My room would look like a used tv emporium lol.

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