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Disable saving

  • Hi, How can I prevent player to save the game?
    My mod may crashes save data, so I need to control it.

  • @lb-giant simply disable autosaves in your settings. You may have a corrupt save game file because that's definitely not normal. Could also be a problem with your hard drive or it may be close to full.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    Thank you.
    But I need to block all saving functions as well as manual saving from code.
    Because my mod makes player to change to ambient ped model, if you save the game during that will lead to infinite model loading on game load.
    To avoid it happens accidentally, I need to block all saving functions or detect save event to turn off my mod before save data creates.

  • @lb-giant Game disables saving if you are not using one of the protoganists anyway. You can save if you change your Character Hash to a protoganist using Character Swap mod but save file doesn't store the model itself. When you load, you will be loaded back to the original protoganist model.

    Unless your mod doing a force saving while playing as an ambient ped nothing bad will happen.

  • @MissySnowie
    Thank you for reply.
    But in my case, game still allow me to save when I am ambient ped.

    It's Japanese but you can see saving function is alive while player is a cop.
    Saveing while you are cop

    I have just noticed that save data with ambient ped wont crash the game on load, but it forces me to change skin to protagonist and teleport me to their house. This behaivior is acceptable, but I simply preffer to disable saving.

  • @lb-giant
    I don't understand. I can't even save my game manually because I disabled my phone completely.
    Do a verify integrity or reinstall assuming game isn't cracked or a script is interfering.
    My game uses a complete save game from 2020 and it has never saved, on its own or by myself.
    Save games also get glitched or corrupted, not just GTA5, but all games. Start with a fresh file.

  • Thanks guys, I think I found easy soultion.

    // Disable phone and quick saveing

  • @lb-giant Good, that's what i do. I have a script that disables phone.

    Function.Call(Hash.TERMINATE_ALL_SCRIPTS_WITH_THIS_NAME, "cellphone_controller");
    Game.DisableControlThisFrame(0, Control.Phone);

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