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How to combine this model's multiple textures into a single one?

  • https://www.deviantart.com/dexpac/art/Goldberg-WWE-2K22-927650173
    i downloaded this model. gta v only allows 1 texture per ped model but it has many parts. i want to convert it into one and combine textures. how can i do that? (i watched baking tutorials but i cant do it)

  • There is one way, namely, create an empty PNG image in Photoshop, apply all the necessary model textures to it (normal and spec are not needed) and save this image. Then in the blender create a texture image for each part of the model and select the PNG image you just created (which has all the textures of the model) After that drag the UV parts of the model to its place in the texture and so on for all parts. At the end, save the model in fbx format and you're done, now your model will have one texture that you can use in GTA 5. (Yes, this is painstaking work, and for some models it’s completely complicated, but alas, I don’t know another way yet.)

  • I forgot to add that after you apply the uv rig of all parts of the model to their places in the texture, do not forget to combine all parts of the model into one mesh, and even then you can export the model to the format you need

  • @TITAN4IKK Thanks. I found a tutorial and I did it. Here is the mod

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