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Replacement or Add-on Wheels

  • Hey everyone, I'm very curious to know what would be more stable, doing a bunch of replacement wheels or one big add-on pack?

  • I have the "Kyroki wheel pack" and the "Rotipack". These are well made no bugs, cool wheels. Works on the cars. Dont make the addons too big. I think these packs are aroung 600mb - 1,2 Ggb. I have car addon packs I did myself around 2-3 GB. They load fine if done properly.

  • @AlexUA6 Both will have the same result. There is a (probably) hardcoded limit on how much addon wheels you can add to each category though.

    If you do replace, game very rarely spawns modified vanilla cars and their number always 1 at a time so having custom wheels on a single car won't have any effect.

    Creating addon will make it that 1 vanilla car won't have any custom made wheel either.

    If you replace stock wheels though, which you would have to edit the car's model itself, then there will be performance drop. How major or minor will depend upon the amount of cars edited, how many of them naturally spawned in a time and the quality&optimization of the wheels.
    If you force vanilla cars spawn with custom wheels by modifying vehicle vehiclemodelsets.meta (whether the wheels are replacement or addons) same thing above will apply as well.

  • @bmw740il Hey thank you for the reply i guess i will continue making my addon pack as it will be less than 500mb

  • @MissySnowie Hey thank you for the very detailed info! I was confused if i was to use for example the high end wheels if npc cars would have them but its very rare. Ill continue with my add on pack as it wont be over 500mb.

  • There is a hard-coded limit of 255 for every category, replacements will naturally help you keep the number of wheels you are using low. Size of the addon pack is largely irrelevant in the case of wheels, the maximum allowable size of an rpf is significantly larger than anything you can put together in a wheel pack, unless you have unreasonably high poly models. It is best to have one larger dlcpack than several smaller ones as the game has an easier time loading them.

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