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[SCRIPT] [RELEASE] Dice Shooting[.Net]

  • OUT NOW: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/dice-shooting-net

    (dice aint always what people are tryna shoot, so don't gamble irl or stay safe)
    Word, y'all. I been bored as hell without wifi so I been working on a Dice Shooting mod. I always thought it was weird you couldn't shoot dice or do any sort of low-tier crime(pimp mod out soon:smirk: ) so I whipped this together. This is my time coding a GTA mod and using C# so it might not be optimized. So far, it contains:
    -Dice Shooting in Chamberlain, where you can shoot dice for a portion of the money in your Dice Bank. There is a solid placement bet that you have to pay everytime, but you get that back if you win the roll.
    -Dice Bank in Chamberlain, where you can store/take money that will only be used for Dice Shooting. This way, you won't be able to lose too much money or go bankrupt off gambling. You can deposit, withdrawl, and check your balance from here and it's walking distance from the Dice Shooting Blip.
    -Chance for police to push up if you played too many games in a session(everything saves between sessions except this)

    That's it for now, I hope to add some peds around the game, but they won't Spawn from my script. I'm tryna fix that now. If you have a suggestion or if theres bugs, let me know, I'll take it into consideration and credit you.

    Credit to Kangouroux6's post about FloatingHelpText for a guideline, i couldn't find much else on how to code C# or Gta.

    Dropping mods for bro, if there's support I might keep it going

    Go check out more mods at my GTA5-mods page: https://www.gta5-mods.com/users/NappyHo

    If you want Dice Shooting, Pimping, or loading screens, check me out on Gta5mods
    Also check out my music: https://hyperfollow.com/itsnappyho (Links to my youtube, spotify, apple music, and erythang else)

    LLW bet he still rollin 17's in vegas

  • @NappyHo Love shooting dice! Do that at school on the regular.

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