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What will July Update break in modded games?

  • Since 2018, Rockstar have made significant updates for GTAO and they've done this like clockwork. The winter update generally in December and the summer one in July.

    These updates can generate fear and anxiety in the SP community because they can break modded games. The Contract Update in December 2021 resulted in significant issues which can be summarized as falling through the map. Thankfully most of these issues were fixed by community members and others simply downgraded their games to older versions.

    Whether Rockstar intentionally breaks modded games is debatable, depending how much you despise them. I prefer to believe they just totally ignore SP and any collateral damage engendered by the online DLC updates.

    Will be interesting to see, with July just around the corner, what, if anything, breaks.

    What about the new bypass mod? Will it break? Hopefully not.

    In fact since I read the comment by @alloc8or, I'm very optimistic that the verification issue only applies to older games as he clarified. This implies the RGSC (SocialClub) verification will still be bypassed by the existing mod.

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