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Random ragdolling

  • I keep ragdolling and the sprint button doesn't work for some reason. I don't have any ragdoll mods or any mod that's effects ragdoll animations installed so I don't know what is causing it.

  • @GtaRob1
    A funky/broken controller can disable sprint. Had that last week, test with another controller & your keyboard & confirm it's a game file related issue. Presume you probably already did that, but had to rule it out etc :thumbsup:

    If it's all confirmed as game file related, the best course of action is probably a diagnostic 'mods' folder rebuild to see if you can ascertain in which '.rpf' archive either issue resides.

    Diagnostic 'mods' Folder Rebuild Basic Instructions:

    • Rename your 'mods' folder to something else & create a new empty 'mods' folder in it's place
    • Test load the game at this point & see if the issue is still present or not (if any of the issues are still there, then it's most likely caused by a script, trainer or some damage/edit to the vanilla/game folder files (as your new 'mods' folder is empty at this point etc):

    Eliminate Scripts & Trainers:
    Remove/Disable them temporarily & test load the game

    Eliminate Vanilla Files:
    Run whatever verify integrity method is appropriate for your version of the game & make sure your vanilla files are fully 100% vanilla & test load the game:

    Methods to Verify Integrity of Game Files:

    If any of the issues appear to be fixed using your new empty 'mods' folder, then the issue likely resides in your old (& now renamed) 'mods' folder.

    To diagnose that:

    • Move different files & folders to & from your old (renamed) 'mods' folder & the new one, test loading the game inbetween each change to see if the issue is fixed.

    Using a process like that, of controlling what 'mods' folder '.rpf' archives are loaded by the game, you should be able to figure out what '.rpf' each issue is in, which will narrow down the possibe causes/files involved etc. Start with 'update.rpf' as it likely has the most files that might relate to either issue & then probably 'common.rpf' & then the other 'x64a>z.rpf' files/dlcpacks etc. Any order will do though, just remember which files you've tested already (make a list if you need etc).

    If you move the files, rather than copy & pasting, you won't need any additional drive space.

    Once you figure out what '.rpf' each issue is in, you can either:

    • use a similar process of adding in vanilla files & reverting with a backup etc to find the file/s causing the issue/s
    • or if you've hardly edited that '.rpf', rebuild it from vanilla adding in your edited files one by one & testing the game after each addition.
    • let me know what '.rpf' is causing which issue & I'll give you a shortlist of likely candidates to test.

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