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please can anyone make me this police vehicle ?

  • i have a small request for modelers
    i need this police vehicle toyota hilux , with 8 seats , one seat on turret /weapon , 2 hanging on sides/stairs , there is vehicle available with same design can anyone modify seats "model 1 link text " but this vehicle isn't actully police car so siren doesn't work , its just my humble request to all moders out there
    alt text
    alt text

    "Model 2 link text

    theres another model made by someone with 2 seats only without siren , without front bumper , without standing climbing stairs , link text
    could anyone modify this
    someone else also made request on LSPDFR link text
    but they could'nt help
    btw this model is pakistan's provincial police car or truck from sindh province, if you search this you will find pics for reference "sindh police hilux"
    hopping for response thanks

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