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Redux stops working after changing starfield

  • @a63nt-5m1th Full marks for your patience and persistence. This thread is now officially in competition, lengthwise, with Tolstoy.

  • @JohnFromGWN said in Redux stops working after changing starfield:


    We have the entire works of Ryoki Inoue beat at this point I think :thinking:

  • @a63nt-5m1th heres the asiloader.log alt text

    And i also haven't done anything to the vanilla files yet.
    The guys that released this specific redux i'm using state you have to put them into the root folder else they won't work.

  • @a63nt-5m1th And i'm currently doing that bottom part when i double click on the "Mods Folder Test.oiv" it asks me what i want ot open it with alt text

  • @FreddyVon said in Redux stops working after changing starfield:

    specific redux i'm using

    Provide a download link to that^ if you can.

    @FreddyVon said in Redux stops working after changing starfield:

    you have to put them into the root folder else they won't work

    Are you talking about the modded game files or the trainers/.asi/.Scripthook listed in the pic? (ie what specifically does 'them' refer to etc)

    @FreddyVon said in Redux stops working after changing starfield:

    what i want ot open it with

    You open it with OpenIV :thumbsup:

    OpenIV.exe is installed here (if you need to find it etc):

    C:\Users\WINDOWS_USERNAME_HERE\AppData\Local\New Technology Studio\Apps\OpenIV\OpenIV.exe


    OpenIV .oiv

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    alt text
    "Them" as in the "x64a.rpf", "x64e.rpf", "Common.rpf" and "update.rpf" in the update folder and so on.

    i got this when trying to open the game in the thingy that popped up saying "open up the game and see what u got!" or whatever
    alt text

  • @FreddyVon
    Just start the game normal. Like you always do, & stop introducing variables like changing the way you do things etc.

  • @a63nt-5m1th It works alright... lmfao
    alt text

  • @FreddyVon
    @$*! yeah, it does :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

    That's exactly what I was looking for :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th it only works in Singleplayer tho ( just a FYI) but i suppose you expected that ay?

  • @FreddyVon said in Redux stops working after changing starfield:

    you expected that ay?

    Yes, yes I did. The fact that 'mods' folder mods won't work online (official online anyway) was what allowed me to get ahead of that :wink: :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Ayy i appreciate you staying consistent with me here hahaha it's been a struggle hasn't it lol

  • @FreddyVon
    I remember back in the day when we started this thread. I was just a teenager back then. Then there was the War. Lost a lot of good friends there, but you know it turned out OK in the end, & Hitler is definitely dead by now, so can't complain.

    I'm still not 100% sure what caused it tho :thinking: (the 'mods' folder part that is). Any ideas?

  • @a63nt-5m1th Nah i legit got no clue. But it works in singleplayer innit. Now the question is how do we make it work on Rage multiplayer XD

  • @FreddyVon said in Redux stops working after changing starfield:

    how do we make it work on Rage multiplayer

    I haven't got a clue about that. Never used any FiveM/RageMP etc. You'll just have to read RageMP's documentation & figure it out. :thumbsup:

    Also, in regard to RageMP install/setup etc, you likely won't get much help from anyone on gta5-mods tbh. People will most likely just point you towards RageMP Support. Maybe try a new thread about it here on gta5-mods & see, but this forum isn't aimed at diagnosing 3rd party MP overhaul mods, just Singleplayer ones, so I wouldn't hold your breath for a response etc, better off on the dedicated RageMP site or if they have a discord, in there etc.

  • @a63nt-5m1th Aight man appreciate all your help :P

  • @FreddyVon said in Redux stops working after changing starfield:

    Now the question is how do we make it work on Rage multiplayer

    After you had enough crashing your game, why not consider FiveM?
    Simple installation, excellent resources, much better support.


  • @JohnFromGWN I made it work on RageMP finally ;)
    FiveM ain't for me anyway

  • @a63nt-5m1th looking good :scream: :astonished: , can I please have the vehicle, the car.headlights... info and textures?!?! :eyes:

  • This post is deleted!

  • @a63nt-5m1th said in Redux stops working after changing starfield:

    Something like edit 'visualsettings.dat' & make the '# emissive bits' section look like this:

    emissive bits

    car.headlight.day.emissive.on 0.0
    car.headlight.night.emissive.on 0.0
    car.headlight.day.emissive.off 0.0
    car.headlight.night.emissive.off 0.0
    car.taillight.day.emissive.on 0.0
    car.taillight.night.emissive.on 0.0
    car.taillight.day.emissive.off 0.0
    car.taillight.night.emissive.off 0.0
    car.indicator.day.emissive.on 0.0
    car.indicator.night.emissive.on 0.0
    car.indicator.day.emissive.off 0.0
    car.indicator.night.emissive.off 0.0
    car.reversinglight.day.emissive.on 0.0
    car.reversinglight.night.emissive.on 0.0
    car.reversinglight.day.emissive.off 0.0
    car.reversinglight.night.emissive.off 0.0
    car.defaultlight.day.emissive.on 0.0
    car.defaultlight.night.emissive.on 0.0
    car.defaultlight.day.emissive.off 0.0
    car.defaultlight.night.emissive.off 0.0
    car.brakelight.day.emissive.on 0.0
    car.brakelight.night.emissive.on 0.0
    car.brakelight.day.emissive.off 0.0
    car.brakelight.night.emissive.off 0.0
    car.middlebrakelight.day.emissive.on 0.0
    car.middlebrakelight.night.emissive.on 0.0
    car.middlebrakelight.day.emissive.off 0.0
    car.middlebrakelight.night.emissive.off 0.0
    car.extralight.day.emissive.on 0.0
    car.extralight.night.emissive.on 0.0
    car.extralight.day.emissive.off 0.0
    car.extralight.night.emissive.off 0.0
    car.emissiveMultiplier 0.0

    That will turn off all the lights on all the vehicles. You'll still see light shining out of them & onto the landscape when the lights are on, but the glass light fittings that are on the actual vehicles will be off.
    Like this:

    meant here

  • @Sata
    The car is this one (replaces ztype) or there is the identical same car here, just converted to an add-on instead.
    The glass is messed up on both those models tho, but can be fixed with replacement textures (use the glass texture from a vehicle that works etc) & some edits to the vehicle's '.yft's using CodeWalker.

    As to headlights, I use these values:


    For light beams/light on environment:

    car.headlights.angle	0.03
    car.headlights.split	0.0
    car.headlights.global.HeadlightIntensityMult	1.5
    car.headlights.global.HeadlightDistMult	0.9
    car.headlights.global.ConeInnerAngleMod	0.4
    car.headlights.global.ConeOuterAngleMod	0.37
    car.headlights.global.OnlyOneLightMod	1.0
    car.headlights.global.Fake2LightsAngleMod	0.94
    car.headlights.global.Fake2LightsDisplacementMod	0.17
    car.headlights.submarine.Fake2LightsAngleMod 0.830
    car.headlights.submarine.Fake2LightsDisplacementMod	0.0
    car.headlights.fullbeam.IntensityMult	1.0
    car.headlights.fullbeam.DistMult	1.5
    car.headlights.fullbeam.CoronaIntensityMult	2.0
    car.headlights.fullbeam.CoronaSizeMult	2.0
    car.headlights.aim.fullbeam.mod	-0.10
    car.headlights.aim.dippedbeam.mod	-0.11
    car.headlights.aim.fullbeam.angle	-0.15
    car.headlights.aim.dipeedbeam.angle	0.7
    car.headlights.aim.dippedbeam.angle	0.7
    car.headlights.player.intensitymult	3.6
    car.headlights.player.distmult	8.0
    car.headlights.player.exponentmult	4.0

    For light fittings/how head/tail/brake light fittings on the car glow:

    # emissive bits
    car.headlight.day.emissive.on	10.00
    car.headlight.night.emissive.on	10.00
    car.headlight.day.emissive.off	0.05
    car.headlight.night.emissive.off	0.001
    car.taillight.day.emissive.on	12.0
    car.taillight.night.emissive.on	1.5
    car.taillight.day.emissive.off	8.0
    car.taillight.night.emissive.off	1.5
    car.indicator.day.emissive.on	10.00
    car.indicator.night.emissive.on	10.00
    car.indicator.day.emissive.off	0.30
    car.indicator.night.emissive.off	0.003
    car.reversinglight.day.emissive.on	8.00
    car.reversinglight.night.emissive.on	2.00
    car.reversinglight.day.emissive.off	0.10
    car.reversinglight.night.emissive.off	0.003
    car.defaultlight.day.emissive.on	50.50
    car.defaultlight.night.emissive.on	10.50
    car.defaultlight.day.emissive.off	0.003
    car.defaultlight.night.emissive.off	0.003
    car.brakelight.day.emissive.on	18.00
    car.brakelight.night.emissive.on	5.00
    car.brakelight.day.emissive.off	8.0
    car.brakelight.night.emissive.off	1.5
    car.middlebrakelight.day.emissive.on	6.00
    car.middlebrakelight.night.emissive.on	4.00
    car.middlebrakelight.day.emissive.off	2.0
    car.middlebrakelight.night.emissive.off	1.5
    car.extralight.day.emissive.on   	77500.00
    car.extralight.night.emissive.on	55160.00
    car.extralight.day.emissive.off	0.005
    car.extralight.night.emissive.off	0.005
    car.emissiveMultiplier 2.00

    Environment textures (if you mean them?) are vanilla (but those pics are ~6K (5760 x 3240 in-game resolution) downscaled to 1080p (in Photoshop), so that might be why they look better than normal native 1080p etc).

  • @a63nt-5m1th I meant the headlights textures from graphics.ytd, oldshit_square_etc.dds and so lol

    Yours look very natural, pointing narrowly forward, mine are always kind of too disperse to both sides if that makes any sense. Also there is this US thing where the left headlight points a bit down to prevent blinding people on the opposing lane, I think we don't care about them people here and yours look just as unconsiderate as we are :rofl:

    The emissive bits I have it not too far from yours, satisfied with them, the car.headlights. part looks very different, will try those.

    The ambient stuff I know I can't match, I'm not even on 1080, maybe in two months I'll get a rig upgrade and improve the whole thing

  • @Sata

    The 'For light beams/light on environment:' section from last post is what really makes the light produced more focused/less wide & shining a further distance, try out those values :thumbsup: (& edit/reduce the distance to whatever you want (if any performance issues). They're somewhat optimised, but still shine pretty far etc).

    The headlight texture I'm using there is this one anyway (colour & shape edited):


    You can download that exact texture here if you want it (also, you can rename it to whatever you want & import it into 'graphics.ytd' & it will work when set in the vehicle's carcols lights section (so you don't need to replace your original 'vehiclelight_car_standard70s' texture etc, just add as many new ones as you want, any names will do etc)).

    Additionally, you can tweak the height the lights shine at for individual cars by editing the texture they use.

    Like this etc:



    Lower: (like, a lot lower):

    Super Low

    Create a range of them & then you can use whatever one you need to to fix any vehicles where the lights shine higher or lower than the rest of the cars you have installed etc.

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