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Where to start?

  • HI, after quite a few yrs I decided to play GTA V again, and to my huge disapointment, Rockstar Launcher "updated" my game erasing all the mods :(

    I updated my OpenIV and ScripthookV, reinstalled all of the mods, and... this stupid R* launcher keeps "updating" the game preventing me from playing with any, even the most simple mod installed - I literally changed one ped or one car and ended up with over 5 gb "update"...

    Is there any way to evade Rockstar Launcher file verification? I have the non Steam, version straight from f**ing R, I also don't care about going online - if I get banned from online forever, but still be able to play modded story mode that's still good for me.

    If the topic was already resolved please redirect me to the solution.

  • @AJ007262 said in Where to start?:

    Rockstar Launcher "updated" my game erasing all the mods

    That's a first, an update erasing mods.
    Launcher and game updates happen once, not repeatedly unless you edit vanilla files directly or downgrade.
    You can't stop updates and you can't get banned for going online with the regular mods, I.e mods that aren't designed specifically for cheating online.

    Your game is beyond screwed up if mod files are getting erased. Do a verify integrity.

  • @AJ007262 @JohnFromGWN Probably installed the mods to the game files rather than using mods folder? to save space perhaps? If so game will keep redownloading the modified files. This wasn't an issue before rockstar launcher happened but I think now it's keep checking the file integrities and redownloading the modified files.

    As for stopping this, you can't. You may go offline and play like that for a few months but eventually rockstar launcher will force you to go online and update itself. This is unfortunately unavoidable in legal versions. The only way is going pirate way.

  • @MissySnowie
    Probably depends on version. With Steam and 2372 I had the code16 but it never tried to update.

    However, yeah, if files are getting erased they could be installed improperly without mods folder to replace vanilla.

    If that's not the case, I'm confused. Updates don't erase mods. Maybe Quant has new mods out?

  • @JohnFromGWN I know Quant is back and releasing updates. Don't know is he breaking the rockstar's restriction not to use it's assets or not.

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